Episode 142: Christian Memes


The girls return to the Whooptanic to fight a pirate. That’s it! Yeah it’s one of those eps. We talk about: Infinity Train, 2k19, Hypnospace, Anime Fighters, Is Platinum Is Good, The Party City Catalog, WHOOP-ing Burnout, Eyepoint POV, Jerrance Cook, Jerry Gets Scurvy, Sleepy Cannon Balls, Pro Stealing, Pirate Queen, Everyone Dies, Greenland, Did Jerry Gaslight Them Again?, Paper Straws, Too Long Fight, Superkicks, One Piece, We Murder Luke, Piirates Vs Ninjas, Fake Holidays, Dr. McNinja

From 3:10 to 5:30 we talk some vague FE:TH spoilers, mainly how long one of the routes is.