Episode 139: Trent Is The Ultimate Bottom


Mandy has her own line of dolls and while we’re buying them an old(?) villain returns! Also Jerry is weird, but that’s not new. We’re joined by Zack from TWA for this tangent heavy episode. We talk about: If These Walls Could Purr, Power Rangers, Lego Games, Wrestling, PAX Stuff, Luke Talks About His Childhood House, The Fantasy 1%, Sam’s Bad Hair, Mandy’s Doll Feet, Jerry’s New Dick, Inverted Invisibility, WHOOP Prison Ethics, Small Soldiers, Different Seth, Goldar’s RV, Running From Dolls Jerry Dies, A Lot About Shoes, Toy Story, King Hearts 3 Spoilers From 1:46:35 to 1:49:12, HTTYD, Sam With Crushing Windpipe Action, We’re All Children, Güm, Weirdest Candy,