Episode 138: Lance Wrishback: Dog Pervert


 There’s so many dogs on this episode of Totally Spies as people are getting their dogs stolen by something not quite human or animal.Meanwhile Oinky has to pretend to be a dog to throw of the entity known as DEAN. Dustin joins us for his first appearance in 100 episodes to talk about it! We talk about: Shadowbringers, Is Cid Hot, Teen Mario, Molly Remember Something, Phoenix Wright, World Next Door, Stranger Things, Judgement, Baseball Talk, WatchDogs Bummer, We Complain About Games, Dog Mansion, Shining Deans, Celeb Dogs, Austin Powers, Jerrance Blair,Charisma Shoes, “Hairless” Dogs, Dog Speedrunning, Dog Gacha, Pig Bowling, Chompy Evolved, The Morals Of Killing Chompy, YTMND, Jim Carrey Movies, Wishboning, Childhood Books, Big Dog Energy, Mystery Inc