Episode 132: Finger Fushigi


The Spies have to track down a woman who has stolen an anti-aging serum to win at beauty pageants. Obviously we all know where this is going and… has your arm always been that long? We talk about: We Live In A Society, Persona, Hotline Gorilla, #JusticeForBethhannyy, Twilight Zone Bummer, Molly The Magic Queen, School Paper Expose, Doo Rag Doing Good, Dangerous Ronald Thump, Super Villain Molly, Big Steppy, Diamond Lazer, Slime Girl, Party WHOOPer, Fetish Hole Made For You, SMB Movie, TSUG: Yuri Generator, Luke Reads A Horny Incredibles 2 Article, Return of Yanny, Pageant Speed Run

Chelsea skip from 1:28:30 to 1:32:45