Episode 82: Woke Before It’s Time


Molly, Ashley and Luke are back in 2018 with their friend Dul and we’re going to J.O.E. where Alex becomes a FUCKING DOLPHIN. Also Jerry is the absolute worst in canon. We talk about: Weed Gift Cards, The Fly Fucking Sucks, Live Airport Let’s Place, Outdoor Shower 2, Snow Crash, Toilet Bed, Report Card Forgery, Multiple Missions A Day, One Tim Scam Away, Banned From Every Hotel, Luke Is Mad About Dorsal Fins, Moisten Those WHOOP Chutes, Bad Uniforms, Dolphin Wearing a Headset, Dolphin Family Photo, Everyone Loves Flower Horse, Alex’s Motivation, Dolphins: The Best Pokemon, Alex Made A Bad Joke, Weird Last Laugh, Alexa Guest Stars, Ecoo The Dolphin, Immortal Lobster, We Got An E-Mail