Episode 73: 666 Ghz


Luna returns for an episode that has ACTUAL GHOULS. It’s Halloween and it’s a dark 10:30 AM so we might as well raise hell, fight liches and drag Mandy around. We talk about: No Babies, PUBG Canary, Swapped Hives, Game QA, Ashley Can’t Stop Talking About Chris Gethard, Luke Is Best At MGS, Ashamed of Words, Lil Dab, Sponsored By It, Dick or Treat, All Grow’d Up, Absolute Bastard Mother Fucker Jerry Lewis, Candy Monster, The Goofer, Actual Mandy Witch, The Great Gazoo, The Greatest Sentence, Rasp Man, 666 Ghz, Ice J, Voretex, Brooks Boy, Stephen King Is A Weirdo, THUG2, Halloween Traditions, Dilbert Child, Trick Or Treat Stories