Episode 80: You Got Spy Mail


Crystal joins us for a slightly shorter ep as we are transported into the world of 80s fashion and age regression. So really the world of normal Totally Spies. Also sorry for some audio issues this episode! We talk about: Yoshi Safari, More Bizarre, Someone Gave Luke A Panel, Zero Dawn Is Better Than Neir, Molly Watched Fast Five, Beverly High Street, Is Clover Racist?, Luke Actually Laughs At Totally Spies, GLADIS Rules, Alex The Lesbian, Double Digits, One Dude and Two Bad Henchmen, Raver Mandy, Drive By 80s, Neon Graveyard, Jerry Canonically Sucks, Deep In The Sewer, DO NOT FUCK YOUR SPY DAD, Luke’s First Episode, The Best Vlog, The Many Faces of Tim Scam