Episode 81: Bodied By A Mom


Maxie and the crew head to the OP where life is perfect and everyone is mind controlled. Also is it a parody of the OC? We just don’t know. We talk about: Sick Cast, Medieval Times, Totally Spies In Theatres, VGAs, 12 AM Midnight, Love Computer, The Perfect Jerrance, Double Whoop’d, One Way Car, Totally Evil 4, Mysterious 3rd Bed, Ashley Goes Too Dark, Jojo Is Weird, Todd Was Mind Control, Clocktower Games Except Clocktower The Game, The Equivalent of Hip Hop, WHOOP Canonically Detains People Without Trial, Molly Say Fuck In A Toys R Us, Super Tim Scam Odyssey, Stepford Spies, The Fuck Is Up With The Parent Trap, Gucci Mane is a Furry