Episode 38: Tim Scam Fucked My Mom

Molly, Ashley and Luke finally arrive at the Mommy factory and boy does it deliver. The spies are going on a spa day with their moms and questions keep getting raised and we are more then happy to provide answers. We talk about: Cars Canon, GAME GRL Episode 596, Pokemon Horny and Fucky, Luke’s Really Good Morgan Freeman Impression, Clone Moms, Jerry’s Hotel Secret, The Secret Totally Spies Episodes, Clover Killing Her Mom, Avatar Jokes, Pleasantville Re-enactment, Moms Going Fist, Build A Spa In A Day, Naughty Girls, Matrix Crystal, Crushed Larynx Tim Scam, Evil Paula Deen, Clover Can Fly, Sub To Domme, Difference Between A Mommy & A Daddy, Starting Small And Going Big