Episode 70: Totally Mercs

It’s just Ashley and Molly in a leaner episode of Totally Reprise. That doesn’t mean we don’t have an ep on our hands as Alex goes under the effects of truth serum and Sam and Alex fight over who Alex loves more. We talk about: Just Cause, Nice Price, Jackie Chan, Filme, Chicken Dinner, The Loop, Large Hardon Collider, Hero Academy, Slurps, Disappearing Briefcase, Boy A Day, The Dangerous Water Of Michael Jackson Parodies, Sounds Like Cleamons, Villain Jump, Blinding Tank, Wrestling Replays, Jerry’s Plan B, Ashley Fought Somebody,

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Episode 69: Nice

Alex goes goth and then becomes an insect queen in a hell of an episode. Oh also Molly, Luke and Ashley are all in the same room finally with their own studio audience of one. So now we get to actually stare at the person making bad jokes. We talk about the Pringles Incident, Cracker Barrel Devastation, Wall Drug, Poem World, Mixed Up Animation, Russian Rave, Bug Mass, Ashley’s Favorite Moment, GLADIS is Mommy, Bug Man, The Bug Queen Is Leggy, Sexy Cockroach Costume, Alex’s Larvae, Our Audience Leaves, Riding The Spray, Sam The Legend Killer, Alex Is Pastel Goth, Kamen Rider Spies

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Episode 68: 60% More Anime

Welcome to Totally Reprise airlines! Molly, Ashley, and Luke will be your flight crew today as we sail along the skies while everything gets TOO WILD. Topics Discussed include: Sailor Moon Attacks, The Blockbuster Book, Clover is the WORST, JERRY IS THE WORST, Triple Threat, Airline Pilot Voices, A Teleporting Villain, Gadgets and how Not To Test Them, a List of Very Fast Things, Moving at near light speed, Time Travel Celebrity Murder

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Episode 67: Cyborg Eye

Clover finally becomes the villain we knew she could be as she becomes a super soldier spy. Also maybe a robot??? We’re joined by Emily to puzzle this out. We talk about: Rogue Podcasts, Ashley Doesn’t Like Cars, Scary Teddy Bears, Popular Club, A Podcast Intervention, Soap Heels, Punk Lunch, Clover Has A Gun, Past VR Crimes, Second Rate Spy Agency, Getting Dark, Self Mind Control, Ashley Gets A Gift, Codename: Mommy

Episode 66: Sad Girl Next To Ice

We’re joined by Mike as we investigate the the secrets of GLADIS and also have Christmas in July! We talk about: TWA Math, Overwatch Guy Ratings, Fucking Winston, Bad Banking, Useless Opening, Finding Yourself In Europe Sucks, Jerry Is Canon Creep, Red Eye Robots, Took The Evil Out, Long Term Role Play, Bad Chess, 500 Year Sentence, The President’s Hands, Allergy Problems, The Ticket To Ride Anime Clover Robs, Alex Dummy, Brain Download, Awful Video Game Stunts, We Just Repeat Kung Pow Jokes, We Can’t Remember Terminator, A Barenaked Ladies Christmas

Episode 65: Codename Daddy

It’s just the core trio as we go to camp, show off our talents, get them stolen and start to gaze in horror as the show and their jokes become one. We talk about: Sunny DMV, ARMS Lore, LMTYAC&C, Lazy Book Reports, Walk In Freezer, Reverse McFly, Camp Butch, Accordion Talent, Half-pipe Keyboard, Two Jet Skis, Radiation Problems, Sam Unleashed, Runs Off Ghost Piss, Crying Mandy, CW Totally Spies, Selfie Techniques,

Episode 64: Jerry Lewis’ Battlegrounds

No one can escape the horror of WOOHP Island. Our rag tag group of hosts along with guest Marl are going to try to do everything they can to get off alive and talk about the implications along the way. We talk about: GAME GRLZ Ep 1560:  E-3 Sleepy, Murder Island, A Good Harley, Burnout: Paradise Rules, Anime Mary Kay, War Crime Territory, A Very Very Very Big Man, The Totally Spies The Underground, Monkey Hands, Frankenstein Looking Motherfucker, Zumba Library, Boys Exist, Tim Scam Is A Changeling, The Spies Killed People, Molly Kills Ashley, We Thought We Heard A Ghost, Dragging Nick Robinson

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Episode 63: Like Pulling Teeth

We are joined for an UTTERLY HORRIFYING episode of Totally Spies involving teeth and gunk and it SUCKS. We’re joined by Ava for this ep even though no one wants to be here. We talk about: #MoveSquad, Molly Fight, Jim Carrey’s Film Career, The End of Knowing, Molly Goes Under Swinging, Dentist Experiences, WHOOP-bot, Rat Laugh, Jerry Makes A Spy Satellite For Sam, Deep Web Gossip, The Grossest Teeth, Poor Furry President, Useless Smoke Bomb, The MOST Horny, Sam Loses Time, Good Puns, Sam’s Safe Word Problems

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Episode 62: Ashley Joined The High School Illuminati

We get nerdy with our guest Maxie as Arnold gets mind controlled and turns people into nerds. Also Tuxedo Mask is there? It’s weird. We talk about: Maxie’s Confession, It’s Gonna Bee Mai, Fetish Search Engines, ARMS, Spoiler Alert, Mascots, Dodgeball Strategies, We Roast Arnold, We Make Body Horror, Cool Car, Arnold Can’t Take A Hint, Zepplins: Cool?, Clover Loves BIg Bang Theory, We Watch A Duran Duran Music Video, Nerdiest Thing You’ve Ever Done, Alex Loves Club Penguin, Molly Sees a Kitten

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Episode 61: Alex Gets Swole

It’s just the hosts as we watch an episode where Alex is distressingly het and boys are distressingly muscular. We talk about: Jury Duty, The Furry Function, Ashley Has An Egg, Bad Gym Safety, The Spirit of Mandy, Mouth Exercise, We Learn Something, Luke Gets Dark, Analyze Mouth Fluid, Luke Cracks The Bee Code, Jerry Exercises,Secret Fountain Tunnel, Lego Island, Restraining Gym Equipment, Alex Wants This, Horny Biology, We Describe A Sex Toy Photo, Gorilla Strength

Episode 60: The Last Macro Minute

After a 55 episode absence Zach returns for an episode he thought was about Rangers Morphing but is actually just Terminator 2 with the spies. We talk about: Luke Committing A Murder, Hiding As A Coffee Cups, Nightmare Fuckpad, Alex Calls Sam Mom, Ashley Has A Joke, Aquarium In Act 1, Abandoned Wig Factory, Tim Scam Rules, Coach Mandy, She Got Grills, Toffee Condoms. Selective Woohping, Grunt Of The Night, Jerry Is Bruce Lee

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Episode 59: We Love You John Popper

We are finally back with an episode of the regular version of this show and we’ve got a whole planet of hunks to look through with help from our guest Sean! Or really more like an island? With robot gladiators? It’s weird. We talk about: The Coolest 12 Year Old, Medabots, Calling Out  Neil Gaiman, Bayonetta, Panty Raid, Coppertone Is Creepy, Brute Suit Riot, Magnets Don’t Work, Bad Sushi, Cafeteria Squats, So Vegas, Bad Kennedy Impression, Beams From The Fire Dimension, Clover Hires A Blimp, Harmonica Bandolier, We Love Fallout 4, Magical Girls Captain Planet

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Bonus Episode 3: An Off Week

Molly, Ashley and Luke are all very tired, too tired to watch Totally Spies in fact. So we just took the 20 minutes bullshit at the beginning of the show and expanded it. We know you might be bummed there’s no full show but it was this or nothing! We talk about: FRIENDS, Shower Situation, Ancestor Cheating, Illegal Substances, Half Door, Secondary Home Towns, Zip Lines, Alpha Evangelion, SeSevenEn, Edit Talk, The Future of Let’s Place, Parents Reading Your Porn, Book Fair Tentacle Porn, Clown Fucking,

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Episode 58: Carpet Eating

Molly, Luke and Ashley are joined by Mike for an episode that include time travel, young Jerry and the creation of WOOHP. So yeah it’s going to be something. We talk about: The Micro Moment, Sad Dads, Back To The Future Rankings, Hyper Speed Dating, STAR UTI, The WOOHP building, Transforming Car, We Talk Fast & Furious Again, Alex Goes Formal, Front Flip Car, Genetic Dunking, Mandy Voices, Jerry In America, Sam Gets Racist, Roller Derby, Minority Reported Him, Known Jerry Fucker, Lil’ Luke Gives Love Advice

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Episode 57: Steampunk Junkrat

Molly, Luke and Ashley join together to thank the people at Marathon for an episode where Mandy becomes a spy and Sam gets mind controlled again. This time it’s by having a coffee pot on her head. Yeah. We talk about: More Nier, Persona, Macro Ten Minutes, La Familia, Mandy Calls Out Totally Spies, Jerry Fails A Spot Check, Beret College Kids, Red Faction, Tracer And Alex, Jerry Takes A Shit, Hotdog With A Fork, The Spies Turn Into Tornadoes, Born a Villain, Mandy Into Sam, Clover’s Head Comes Off, Fetish Shared Universes, Ashley Goes Too Gay, Takes A Village To Grow A Molly

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Episode 56: Sam Buys A Dom

It’s just Ashley, Molly and Luke for an episode that takes place among the stars! Yeah, we know, two spaced themed eps this close together. This one has one of the best villains of the series though so it’s all good. We talk about: It’s A Shoot, Horizon, Pussy Game Weird, Nier, MACRO MINUTE, Sam No Pants, Spies In Space, Tetris HQ, Sam Breaks A Meteor, Molly Finds A Big Lady, Totally Tacoma, Celestial Lair, Faster Then A Meteor, Amelia Bedelia: Trickster Spirit, Thirsty For Cucking, We Talked About Fast and Furious Before The Show

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Episode 55: The Horny Matrix

Ashley and Molly are joined by Kevin and Luke (kind of because he had to do something at the beginning of the ep and then comes back at the end.) We’re talking about one of the horniest episodes of the series so far so strap in and prepare your Widowmaker mind control helmets. We talk about: Robot Butt Games, Macro Minute, Molly Mad About Magic, Alex Is Dril, All The Spies Are Nerds, Mandy Still Rules, Alex Gets A Kill, We Talk About Wrestling For Fifteen Minutes, Baffling Hologram, Ashley Sings “Part Of Your World” But Horny, We Talk A Lot About The Matrix, Touhou Talk

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Episode 54: “This Episode Is A Nightmare”

We’re back to the good stuff on this episode where we decide to go to the circus with our friend Luna, what could go wrong? Well just animal TF and some freak show stuff. We talk about: Let Me Tell You About Giant Women, Fast and/or Furious, Zero Dawn, Nude Sam, Canon Creepy Jerry, Juggalos vs Parrotheads, Messenger Bag Ass, Phantom Slap, Get Dunked On Baby, The Incredibles Is Fucked, Elephant Man, A Good Fight Scene, It Gets Really Gay, Contra Bass, Spinnerette

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Episode 53: FLOATING

 Ashley, Molly and Luke come into the new world of season 3, aka Totally Spies: Undercover! There’s new voices, new characters, new couch and new home! Also the show isn’t that good and lost a lot of charm, oops. We manage to get through it and talk about: Sleep Stories, Enzo Promos, Zelda Is Still Fucky, Mario Party Sucking, Alex Flies, Bad Penthouse Letter, Ashley calls Gabe Newell, Mandy Still Rules, Ashley Has Spider Problem, Dr Mayor Weird Who, Clover Rides A Rocket Into A Space, Mandy Diddles It, Space Revenge, Sam Reads Ayn Rand

Episode 52: Mayonnaise Sandwich

Ashley, Molly and Luke are joined for too many guests. Well two, which is Mike and Jules. We’re watching the finale of season two and it’s got a very similar plot to the season one finale. We talk about: Robot Wars, GAME GRLZ 1000: WE HORNY AND SAD, RvB, Fuck Over Clover, WHOOP Me Daddy, Johnny English, GAME GRLZ 1105, Blood In The Backseat, Teens In Tightly Colored Catsuits, We Lose It Over Sandwiches, Horny Lazers, Jules Makes Us Sad, Luke Likes Wendys, Alex The Kidnapper, Molly Emoji, Guilt Trip