Episode 22: One-Finger Death Tap

AND SO, THE WORLD TOURNAMENT BEGINS!! And there's only, like, 100-something contestants? And no ones even gonna see most of this because they gotta whittle it down to Eight, in this, the elimination round day. But if they gotsta eliminate so many people in one day, there must be TONS of fighting and action in this episode! Well, think again. Send in your questions and Dragon Ball OCs to @HFILCast on Twitter and to HFILCast@gmail.com!

Episode 21: Reunited


Our heroes have done it! They've finally gotten back together to record another episode! And Goku is also reuniting with his old buddies/former enemies! What's the occasion? The World Tournament starts tomorrow (in the next episode)! Hooray! Don't forget to send in questions for the next episode! Send them to @Hfilcast on twitter, or HFILCast@gmail.com!

Episode 20: Training of All Trades

It's time to finish the day's training! We've farming, we've got construction working, we've got lake shark swimming and wasp dodging, and MORE! Soon Goku and Krillin's bodies AND minds will be in tip top shape for the big world tournament! Don't forget to send us questions for the next episode at @HFLCast on Twitter!

Episode 19: Goat-Sourced Mystery Milk

At long last, we return! With a regular upload schedule, hopefully. Just for you, listener, today we got a smaller serving episode for your easy digestion, with lots of delicious goat milk to wash it down with!

Episode 18: Training Begins!

We're back! Cassie's back! No one can stay on topic for more than ten minutes! Goku and Krillin are finally starting their training under Master Roshi! Launch can't cook! This is late! I'm tired! If you have questions for the show, send them to @HFILCast on twitter!

Episode 17: Monster Mash and Demonhead Clash: The Movie

[Quick content warning: There are a couple brief mentions of rape at between about the 9:45 and 10:15 minute marks.]

It's another movie! Dustin makes his first--I mean second appearance, he of course talks about anime, and gives us some insight on what the deal is with these separate-time-line movies. Goku and Krillin race to rescue a princess in a castle filled with demons, Bulma almost get's her blood drank like beer out of a wine glass or a beer wine glass thing, whatever. And Yamcha got a hair cut, good for him. If you have questions for the show, send them to @HFILCast on twitter! Or to the gmail Luke checks at the end of this episode.

Episode 16: Prepare For Launch

This episode is better! Not perfect, but better than the last! It's mostly because of a new super awesome character, and also Krillin is pretty good! How will the next episode of the show be? We won't find out soon, because next up is another movie! Yes, already! Yes I agree, "what the hell?" is right. Remember, send your questions to @HFILCast on twitter! Rate us on iTunes is you get a chance, that would be very nice of you!

Episode 15: The Price of Roshi's Training

Remember how we had hope that this arc with Master Roshi wouldn't be bad because there wouldn't be any women around for him to harass? Well, Roshi is determined to change that. We meet Goku's rival!? A mysterious badass who...turns out to also be sort of goofy. Bulma and the others get lost in the jungle and also the desert, and our heroes go on a physics tangent for way too long in hopes to try to escape this bad, bad episode!

Episode 14: Rehash and Redundancy: The Movie

Once again, Dragon Ball FighterZ spoiler talk warning: From 3:17 to 10:43

This week, our heroes take a side step to cover the first Dragon Ball movie, Dragon Ball: Curse of The Blood Rubies, AKA, Dragon Ball: The Legend of Shenron. It's basically the first thirteen episodes, but different! In what way? Find out, on this episode of THE HOME FOR INFINITE LOSERS!

Episode 13: Rock, Monkey, Scissors

Spoiler Alert for discussion about Dragon Ball FighterZ: Minute 3:35 to 9:52

Well, the Pilaf Gang is out of our hair, Bulma and Yamcha somehow got both their wishes, Oolong is grumpy about it, and Goku lost his tail. Speaking of Goku, it'll be a year before he can get his grandpa's dragon ball back. So in the meantime, it sounds like he's going to get some training from master Roshi and maybe make some new friends along the way! And thus concludes our first arc of Dragon Ball! Only 140 episodes to go!

Episode 12: The Dub Is Better

Spoiler Alert for discussion about Dragon Ball FighterZ: Minute 10:11 to 20:55

Well, this is it! It's been building up to this the season finale of...Wait what? We're no where near the end of the season? It's only been twelve episodes!? And already we got all the dragon balls and someone is making a wish! That was fast. What wish could possibly be granted? And by what brilliant manipulation will out very smart heroes find themselves trapped for the second time in an episode? And HOW OH HOW WILL THEY ESCAPE? These questions and more will be answered today, on The Home For Infinite Losers! If you have a question for the show, tweet it at @HFILCast!

Episode 11: Pinball Mania

We're back at Pilaf's castle, with Dustin this time! The gang is still trapped and all sorts of terrors could befall them! And we spend almost a minute looking for Oolong's dick. Also everyone, except Mike probably, is very excited for some new Dragon Ball fighting game that's coming out soon! But you know what Mike is excited about? Pinballs.If you have a question for the show, tweet it at @HFILCast!

Episode 10: Starring Brendan Fraser as Yamcha

Finally, we're starting to get not-bad episodes! Except for that little part with the explosive diarrhea, but that's an old hat by now. In addition to the episode, our heroes discuss Blue's Clues, The Dragon Ball of the Future, the mysterious disappearance of this weeks questions, and of course, the most well-paid actor of the 90's. If you have a question for the show, tweet it at @HFILCast!

Episode 9: Carrot-Touchin Rabbit Furry

We're joined by Cassandra again for a mostly okay episode featuring a LOT of bunnies and bunny-themed people who are going to be killed or sent flying off into the void of space! Bulma finally gets a change of clothes, the gang gets accosted by some bunny gangsters and their furry boss with a Magic Touch, and Emily talks about another Very Good but also Very Bad anime.

Episode 8: Pinky Promises And Tuffle Tangents

Turns out Master Roshi lost the fan Goku and Chi Chi were looking for! But they bring back something...even better? Not a lot happens, almost every character is Bad, and Luke and Mike can't stop singing. At least this episode didn't involve bodily fluids? God, we hope we're getting to the good part soon.

Episode 7: Bikini-Clad Barbarian Child

This week we're slightly more crowded and musical than usual, and the episode is actually...mostly okay? There's a mountain on fire, Chi Chi destroys a dinosaur, Yamcha brains a pre-teen girl, and Goku punches his future father-in-law. And Bulma is still in the bunny costume. I guess we can't have everything.

Episode 6: It Could Have Been Great

Somewhere, in another reality, this episode is great. Unfortunately, we are not in that reality, and this episode stinks. Come on everybody, let's just get through this.

Episode 5: Graduating From Piss

Now a trio, apparently, our animated heroes take a ride down a river, learn the legend of The Ox King, get stranded without capsule-based transport, and come face to face with the fearsome desert bandit, Yamcha. Who turns out to be a huge dork. Meanwhile, our non-animated trio slosh though another episode that's mostly bad but it got kinda good in the second half? Is there hope for Dragon Ball yet?

Epsiode 4: The Ballad of Sherman Priest

Our brave hosts continue making their way through the Dragon Ball badlands, Goku breaks, enters, and touches people inappropriately, and Bulma ruins everything by being as thirsty as possible. Send in your questions to @HFILCast on twitter or HFILCast@gmail.com, or else Luke will read a card game manual!