Episode 9: Seeds of the Mysterious Tree: Chapter of Spacetime

Labrynna, a diverse region built from the remains of a once great kingdom, has been infiltrated by Vern, Sorceress of Shadows, who has traveled through time to bring sorrow to the past and the present. Lacking its own hero, Labrynna must rely on Link, the savior of the faraway kingdom of Hyrule, who has been summoned to the Land of Ages by the Triforce to prevent the return of a greater evil. This is the 8th canonical Zelda game, "The Legend of Zelda: Seeds of the Mysterious Tree: Chapter of Spacetime", the second game in the series to be developed by Flagship. On this episode, Monica joins the show to discuss the migration patterns of the zora, the mechanics of time vs. metatime, and the multiple timelines implied by playing the games in a different order.

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