Episode 17 - I Miss Quantum Leap

We leave the terror of SkullGreymon behind us as we board a cruise ship into insanity. This weeks episode is "The Crest of Sincerity" or in Japan "Illusive Captain Cockatrimon"

Along the way: The new Digimon entry: Appmon, Tai tries to make himself out to be the good guy of last episode (he wasn't), Gennai is an unbelievable asshole, Koramon really hates Numemon, bizarre chicken monsters that disguise themselves as humans for no discernable reason, Etemon does an impromptu song and dance routine with Gazimon on support, the Fishrangers make their triumphant return, the kids seem ok with killing someone, Mimi is a wizard that can see into the future, and the 3 of us collectively agree that marrying SkullGreymon is a price we're willing to pay so that we can kill Tai.