Episode 12- Do We Have To?

Episode Discussed : Adventure 01: Episode 12: DigiBaby Boom

Episode Discussed: Adventure 01: Episode 12: DigiBaby Boom

We jump in to episode 12 "DigiBaby Boom" or "Adventure! Patamon and I", probably the first episode so far I would describe as truly bad (really it was awful).

Highlights are: Us spending 30 minutes before recording teaching Joel about Australia, because we really wanted to put off talking about this terrible episode, I mistake TK for Patamon and vice versa numerous time (even after being corrected I continue to mess it up), animation errors within the first 10 seconds of the episode, Elecmon's "fishing" technique, magical eggs having an instruction booklet written in "digicode" (it's Japanese), magical cribs, dad Elecmon, we manage a surprisingly long TTR (Time To Ryo), the two digimon wikis have beef, and our most exciting sign-off yet!