Episode 08 - The One With a New Title System

Episode Discussed : Adventure 01: Episode 08: Evil Shows His Face

Episode Discussed: Adventure 01: Episode 08: Evil Shows His Face

I got sick of not being able to make cool names for the episodes since I was just naming them after the episode of the show, so I changed it. Deal with it. 

This week it's back to just the three of us with no guests (after the experience our guests had last time) as we watch through episode 8 - "Evil Shows His Face" or "Devimon! The Messenger of Darkness" in which we finally get to meet the villain of our 13 episode arc. In episode 8.

Highlights include: Our War Game 2, the april fools jokes of TeamFourStar and the Adventure Tri twitter, I get to play Cyber Sleuth because my brother is the coolest (so cool), and truly ridiculous amounts of foreshadowing shoved into a single scene.