It Started As A Goof, But It Went Too Far

Happy birthday Tyler.  A little over a year ago you started this trainwreck of a podcast and to show our appreciation, here's an episode we recorded entirely on our own, without you holding us back, or in any way being able to stop us.  I'm pretty sure it's the best one we've done yet.  

(Note: This was recorded, like, 2 months ago, and I only just now got around to editing it because I'm the worst.  Never leave us alone again, Tyler, this all falls apart without you!)

Points of Interest: Proper Affection Protocol for Feathers, Dental Heigeine is Important, Corgi Lifting Procedures, Hey You Should Check Out, Ko Ko and Moe, Gently Hugging a Mine, MILD POKEMON SUN/MOON SPOILERS, We Fucked Up, The Holiday Thing I Recorded