Talking About Tri Episode 2 - What Did Jelly Donuts Ever Do To You?

 The first act of Lifetime's latest special event

The first act of Lifetime's latest special event

Another episode of Tri is out in the US, which means it's time for another impressions episode.  This time Joel brings his childhood friend Jake along for the ride.  Join them as they talk about what was good and what was bad in Determination, as well as rehash a bunch of stuff about Reunion.  This isn't a recap but we do openly discuss the events of the movie so if you're interested in Tri, we strongly recommend you watch it first.

Along the way: A brief glimpse into our childhood, Mimi wins Most Improved award, A Difference of Opinion on Tai Kamiya, My Dinner With Tentomon


Summer Wars Live Watchalong

It's a bonus episode! Jules invites Tyler and Joel over to her house to watch some Digimon, but it was just a trick to get them to watch Summer Wars with her instead.  But it's a really good movie so they're pretty cool with it.  If you have a copy of the movie, feel free to watch along!

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