Episode 35 - Malika Lim

I've finally returned from the Peace Conference I was at and I come bearing gifts! This week we're joined by the GM of Power Rangers HyperForce, Malika Lim. HyperForce uses a system of her own design, is officially sponsored by Saban, and airs Tuesday nights at 6pm Pacific Time on twitch.tv/HyperRPG . Non-Subscribers to the channel can catch it in Video Form on the Hyper RPG Youtube page a week after airing, or in podcast form on iTunes, Spotify, or however you listen to podcasts.

Listen as we talk about what it's like to introduce new players to roleplaying, meeting actors you've been fans of for years, and how it feels to have Jason David Frank ask you to rap.

That last bit probably won't be helpful for most GM's listening along, but hey, it doesn't hurt to be prepared!

Opening Theme is Master of Puppets Performed by Viktorya Yermolyeva

Closing Theme is All You Need Is Love Performed by CrazyCello