Episode 29 - Brian Marr

Brian went to play Magic, but when a Dungeon Master offered to run them through a game of D&D they discovered the Magic was in them all along...in their imagination!

Ok, that might be a little too much of a TV-Movie synopsis, but it was certainly an interesting start that lead them down the road to becoming a GM. We talk about running two games simultaneously, breaking the players against the rock that is Darth Vader, and be on the lookout for great things from Lacerated Spleen Productions!

You can follow Brian on Twitter, or talk to them in the All My Fantasy Children Discord

If you're interested in Party Of One you can check out Episode 66 where Jeff and I play the Boxing RPG, Contenders. 


Opening Theme is Master of Puppets Performed by Viktorya Yermolyeva

Closing Theme is The A-Team Theme Performed by K3yBoardMani4c