Episode 25 - The Blind Gamer

This week we're joined in the Studio by The Blind Gamer . 

We start this story at a Summer Camp for the Blind and Visually Impaired, playing an impromptu game of Call of Cthulu purely as Theater of the Mind. Fast forward to today, DMing a game that could spill into any one of a handful of universes at any moment! We talk about knowing when to off a character, when to intervene in Player drama, and when to avoid touching a cursed staff.

The answer to that last one is when your deity makes a personal appearance and tells you not to touch the dang Cursed Staff.

Ah well. You can lead a Character to a bear trap and tell them it's a bear trap, but you can't make them not stick their foot in it.

The Blind Gamer also recommends checking out Koibu on Twitch / website and you can go to The Blind Gamer's website to check out their myriad content creators.


Opening Theme is Master of Puppets Performed by Viktoriya Yemolyeva

Closing Theme is U Can't Touch This Performed by soYmartino