Earth-C Episode 3: Let Me Tell You About Rapping

Jules heads home to Australia but that can't stop the Homestuck train!

Rose's computer loses power and she resorts to escaping to the mausoleum. John loses his father's car and meets a long lost relative. Dave starts to show us a bit more about who he is. Jade investigates a meteor.

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Earth-C Episode 2: Let Me Tell You About Meteors

We rejoin young John Egbert as he prototypes his kernel and finds out there's a meteor about to crash into his house. Uh oh! We also meet young Rose LaLonde, who is trying to help John while dealing with a power outage and a raging storm. Can Rose help John escape from the meteor bearing down on him!?

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Earth-C Episode 1: Let Me Tell You About Jules

So it's come to this. It finally happened. The dark gears of Let Me Tell You About Homestuck turn ceaselessly, unendingly, and one Julie Low has accidentally caught herself stuck in the teeth of the machine known as LMTYAHS. We jump right into the opening of the comic and talk about this dork named John Egbert. Why is he trying to pull off a disguise to walk around his house at 13 years old???

These episodes SHOULD go up every other weekend if possible.