Episode 35: Let Me Tell You About Friendship!!!


In this city, I will.

After the disappointment of season 1 and the nothing of season 2 Luke and Ashley aren't looking forward to the last season of the show. They're expecting more horny teens with no character who suck. So they're very surprised to find a collection of characters they really love! Kana and her friends are a fun collection of non-horny teens who are layered and support each other. As they try to find out they're doing next they're confronted with questions about maturity, helping friends and being themselves in ways that work way better then any previous season. That said it's not all great, Haruko is still around and while she has grown up a bit she still can't help but be a creep, and an undercurrent of fatphobia hurts Mossan who is a great character otherwise. We also talk about how Kana is totally gay, how people are leaving Earth, and worry about how this season might disappoint us again.