LMTYAE 30: Let Me Tell You About Incel Shinji


CW: We talk a large amount about sexual abuse, both shown and implied, violence towards women and depression.

The end of a series is also the joy of rewatching.

Luke and Ashley talk about the feature film End of Evangelion, this time with Luke giving it more of  a shot and Ashley going in with lowered expectations. They discuss how Shinji throughout the move is a great look at how the depression and anxiety that made him so relatable can fester into an ugly resentment of the world, especially women. Looking through that lens they find the movie is a righteous takedown of people who expect women to love them at the drop of the hat... while also turning the sexually abused Rei into a McGuffin that turns to Shinji cause he's such a Nice Guy. Also we compare the movie to a Calvin and Hobbes strip and wonder why this film is seen as better then the TV show finale when it's just as weird and so pointedly vicious.