LMTYAE 32: Let Me Tell You About A Disappointing Climax

Wasn't this show supposed to be good? Luke and Ashley are looking forward to the part of the show they considered the best as kids and are resoundingly disappointed. The show plays with treating it's pedophile antagonist as a serious threat but doesn't do enough, while making jokes about a 12 year old's big genitals. Meanwhile our fav Mamimi (who is also super into kids who don't know better) is pushed to the side, even when the sub-plot is all about her. Combined with disappointing plotting, random Nazi imagery and a quick but bad gay joke it's all a mess. Well at least the animation is nice!

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LMTYAE 31: Let's Talk About The First Half Of FLCL

Wanting to get away from the serious thoughts we had on Evangelion we take it easy with... almost three hours on the first three episodes of FLCL. Come on guys.

We talk about the controversy that has come up around the Netflix translation of NGE, the way FLCL was localized so well, the way it falls into some of the same pitfalls NGE does and hey how did kid us not realize that Mamimi was homeless?

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LMTYAE 30: Let Me Tell You About Incel Shinji

CW: We talk a large amount about sexual abuse, both shown and implied, violence towards women and depression.

The end of a series is also the joy of rewatching.

Luke and Ashley talk about the feature film End of Evangelion, this time with Luke giving it more of  a shot and Ashley going in with lowered expectations. They discuss how Shinji throughout the move is a great look at how the depression and anxiety that made him so relatable can fester into an ugly resentment of the world, especially women. Looking through that lens they find the movie is a righteous takedown of people who expect women to love them at the drop of the hat... while also turning the sexually abused Rei into a McGuffin that turns to Shinji cause he's such a Nice Guy. Also we compare the movie to a Calvin and Hobbes strip and wonder why this film is seen as better then the TV show finale when it's just as weird and so pointedly vicious.

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LMTYAE 29: Let's Talk About The Second Half Of Evangelion

We get in depth on the second half of the show as we discuss the twists and turns. We also get in depth on how the show treats the sexuality of it's teen character, the use of sexual abuse as a metaphor and child abuse

Child abuse talk from 2:15:00 to 2:19:40 and mentioned sometimes after that.

Note: We recorded this before the Netflix dub had come out, we’ll probably discuss it in an upcoming episode.

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LMTAYE 28: Let Us Talk About The First Half of Evangelion


Luke and Ashley figured they would finally get around to those Rebuild movies but first we had to re-watch all of Evangelion. Here we examine the first 14 episodes of the series. We talk about trying to make non creepy shows about burgeoning sexuality, how Shinji is a relatable view of depression and realizing sexuality and how the series flips between fun action show and depressing subversion mid scene sometimes.

Bonus Episode 1: Let Me Tell You About Detective Pikachu

Luke and Ashley both watched the movie Detective Pikachu and felt the need to talk about it somewhere, and well, they do have an anime podcast. We talk for a too long time about Pokemon Jobs, PokeFan Bill Nighy, Justice Smith Holding The Movie Together and Mr. Mime.

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Episode 27: You Have Been Told

Ashley and Luke sit down one last time to discuss their thoughts on End of Evangelion, and the series as a whole. Thank you so much for listening, everyone! This podcast is melting away into the sea of LCL until the fourth rebuild film finally releases, at which point we'll resume our physical forms just long enough to do four new episodes, one for each film. Until then, farewell, and congratulations!

Episode 26: Let Me Tell You About Masturbation

Wow, the last episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion was one of the most satisfying half hours of television ever. A showcase of strange and bold creative decisions that seamlessly wove the resolution of the show's core emotional arc with a visually engaging multimedia experience that simultaneously made the ending unforgettable and helped them deftly avoid the budgetary problems that plagued the show. How could anyone possibly be anything less than in love with it?

...Wait, what? Everyone hated it, and sent absurd amounts of hate mail to Gainax and Hideaki Anno? The reaction was so incredibly negative that they had to make a movie that completely reworked the ending? Well, that might be good too, I guess...

Wait. It opens with WHAT?

Commentary starts at 12:31 and runs through the end of the episode.

Episode 25: Let Me Tell You About Instrumentality

We've finally arrived. In this special double header episode, Luke and Ashley witness the first version of the end of Evangelion. Something strange and horrible is happened. The real world seems to have dissolved, and everyone has become a singular, amorphous conscious. Shinji sits either at the center of this mental miasma, or in some obscure corner of it, talking to people who are either his old friends or simply his memories of them. The thing is, it's impossible to tell which is which, as all concepts of identity and discrete metaphysical values are consumed by Shinji's all-pervasive self-loathing. But... maybe it doesn't have to be that way. Commentary runs from 15:50 to 39:12, and from 43:27 1:05:28.

Episode 24: Let Me Tell You About the Final Angel

With Tokyo-3 in ruins, a new Eva pilot shows up to bolster NERV's dwindling ranks. But like the second they start talking about the mysterious final Angel it's like, super obvious that it's definitely him. Which is a shame because Shinji wants to kiss this new boy SO BAD, and apparently there's a lot of controversy over whether their relationship is platonic or romantic and that just makes me weep for the state of arts education because if it was any more obvious that shinji wants to ride Kowaru's Lance of Longinus then Neon Genesis Evangelion would just be softcore porn. COME ON PEOPLE.

Commentary runs from 6:31 to 32:45

Episode 23: Let Me Tell You About Rei Ayanami(s)

We're in the homestretch now, and things are never gonna stop getting more and more crazy. Ashley and Luke watch on as Rei sacrifices her life to kill the penultimate angel, destroying most of Tokyo-3 in the process. And then... she shows up for school the following morning. Commentary runs from 4:46 to 31:31

Episode 21: Let Me Tell You About Gehirn

After like a full minute of dead air, Ashley and Luke realize that they are quickly running out of podcast juice and better get this episode underway. We see back into the past, the aftermath of the Second Impact, the relationship between Gendo and Shinji's mother, Yui, and her absorption into Eva 01. Everything is centered around the actions that Kaji has taken to undermine Seele, something that cannot be allowed to go unpunished. Commentary runs from 7:38 to 37:04.

Episode 20: Let Me Tell You About the Oral Stage

After Ashley makes fun of me for 8 minutes straight, we get into the surreal fallout of last week's explosive episode. In its berserk state, Eva 01 has annihilated Shinji's physical form. While the NERV team works desperately to rescue his soul, he goes on yet another heady journey into himself, confronted with all of the unpleasant truths of his existence. Commentary runs from 9:59 to 33:21.

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Episode 19: Let Me Tell You About EVANGELION

Stuff is going DOWN. After being forced to sit and watch while his Eva nearly murders his friend, Shinji decides to quit the giant fighting robot business for good. But of course, he can't actually stay away. To the contrary, he finally unlocks the true potential of Eva Unit 01, to the awe and horror of everyone. Also, Ashley and Luke discuss which Eva character would be the most likely to trap someone behind a brick wall until they die. Commentary runs from 3:21 to 26:45. It's a short one this week because we were so DANG EXCITED to get to the next episode!

Episode 18: Let Me Tell You About Inhuman Pilots

Ashley sits down with Luke to finally discover the truth of the Fourth Child. It's... exactly what the show's been saying it is for two episodes. The new Angel reveals itself to be a sentient fungus-like creature that infects and takes control of Unit 03, and it's up to Shinji to defeat it. When he fails, NERV's new Dummy Plug kicks in and brutally destroys the Eva with no regard for its captive pilot. Ashley and Luke watch on as Shinji is forced to strangle one of his closest friends, while Luke strangles HIMSELF with the rope he hung himself by with his consistently wrong prediction. Commentary runs from 7:46 to 31:10.

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Episode 16: Let Me Tell You About Getting Weird

Luke opens this episode by calling Ashley the devil and it’s only getting wilder from here. We get the Zebra Ball Angel and we finally hit the point Luke has been waiting for. We talk about Entry Plug safety, ugly feelings of NERV personal, naked hugs, the Gainax Archetype, more thoughts or Rei, Rap Game’s Young Shinji and get into the depths of Evangelion.

Commentary is from 6:11 to 29:31

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Episode 15: Let Me Tell You About Date Night

Luke is still in shock over the complete non-episode last week and is ready for an episode where absolutely nothing is revealed, especially in the last 30 seconds. Ashleyand him talk about: Russian taunts, Body Tubes, The First Angel, Clones and Kissing On The Anniversary of Your Mom’s Death

Commentary is from 7:20 to 30:40

Episode 14: Let Me Tell You About Clip Shows

Luke is very, very, VERY excited. Then he’s met with crushing disappointment. We talk about the series so far, about educational VHS at work, goatse, Math Puppy, corrections about the number of Angels and we take our first turn into surreal town.

Commentary is from 7:15 to 30:35

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