Season 3 Retrospective: Patience

We’re recapping season 3! We’re talking about Patience, season arcs, and a Diamond in the rough.
We also discuss post-Christmas blues, Giantbomb Fantasy League results, Critical Role’s new animated intro, hey there Delilah what’s it like in Dunwall Tower I’m a thousand miles away etc, No Vines for Fabby-Ann, Knife Dad & Gay Daughter: Origins, Laura Kinney is very good, Whomst amongst us can watcheth the television?, it’s like episode one all over again, the Hets are at it again, Recording’s on first, we understand how hosts don’t remember their bits now, Mr Leech, Mr Sejic who can make Cass care about het relationships (18+ Twitter link), AvaLance 5 evar on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, what did Elliot do when the team took down Moreau, Anger Tirade, MCU Completely our new MCU Complete Me Review Podcast, we talk about Captain America: the Winter Soldier for five minutes, Janet Van Dyne pitch, our top and bottom 3 episodes, Mr Cena’s Time is now, Australian Politics Corner with #libspill, our fave bits, we should discuss Hot Fuzz, Disney Plains, Prince Charming, Fables spoilers from 1:16:00 to about 1:17:41, Bloody Mary <3, Possible Nacho Libre episode upcoming.

Fabby-Ann’s top ten Queer games of 2018
Mystery Show and creator Starlee Kine

44. The San Lorenzo Job

It’s the season 3 finale! We’re watching the San Lorenzo Job, we’re talking about public speaking, elections, and ironic echoes.

Extensive food talk from 1:05:00 to 1:10:50
We’re also discussing humidity puns, Giantbomb fantasy league, treat your girl right, San Lorenzo is Gibraltar, the best of Dubertech, Hardison saw Kim K’s sex tape, support ethical porn, pls give voting pls, strawfeminist Britta appears, chemist Parker returns, Cass promises free maid Aprons, Hardison says the thing, Nate acts like an American and topples a foreign government with little to no regard for its citizens, Sophie’s dying in his arms tonight, Textbook Mexican Moustache, Ribera gets off scott-free, who are you?, Smooshing booties, which Leverager would be best to elect to public office?, there’s only 2 real candidates choose the one who will fuck you up less, fixin it in post, Espresso BBQ sauce, SupaidaMan and Spiders-Man.

Patterns, by Mx. Ace Fucking Jaycee
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Halcyon Station
Fanfic Rec: Underwater (Overwatch Shape of Water-eqsue AU)

43. The Big Bang Job

We’re watching the Big Bang Job, we’re talking about train heists, bad boys, and converging plot threads.
We also discuss: Cass is drunk with power (and lewd this episode), Chris Pyne, Giant Bomb’s GOTY discussion, Austin Walker’s Uncle Ben’s advice, the filter comes off, Tumblrs retreat here (per application), Spanish swears acceptable on American TV, that’s VORE!, Yuri recs from the Yuri Librarian, our Quirks, darling of the podcast: Pepper, turn turn tentacle, it was Steve Jackson who made Munchkin, earmuffs, One fear edit please, no interest in fire and/or psychic aliens, Lab Lesbian, military bad, a good French accent, noted woman disrespecter Damien Moreau, suck that chair, just like in my fanfics, why are people acting like Elliot doesn’t kill?, over the top evil or implications for tragic backstory?, Parker/Livewire good shit, Robert Rodriguez’ wild ride, The Italian makes something out of nothing, Pepper is worried about the Italian, Bonano ex Machina, Cass’ plan to steal a time machine, turn based roguelike recs pls.

Hardcoded (18+)
Press Buttons ‘n’ Talk: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team LP
Fanfic Rec: Muckraker! (Venom Fanfic 18+)

42. The Ho Ho Ho Job

We’re watching the Ho Ho Ho Job, we’re talking about making a list, checking it twice, and finding out who is naughty or nice. But seriously, we’re talking about Dickens, Merry Chrysler, and Eggnog.
We also discuss Pepper barking, Internet issues, Everhood, Christmas rashies, Jeff Stormer’s Talking Nog, the infantilization of autistic and neuroatypical characters, this is a good Santa, This episode could have been better in these ways, Sophie’s name, Elliot is grumpy, Sophie’s good Chauffer disguise, Shithead Grinch Wil Wheaton, Elliot’s gonna kill Sean Bean, Parker’s lost Childhood, David Copperspoon, Stan Lee stole CM Punk’s Catchphrase, we don’t care about Now You See Me and the podcast devolves into Alfred Pennyworth (Micheal Cane) interpretations, Pavlova’s Dog.

Bohemian Rhapsody
There’s this Girl
Fanfic Rec: The Armourer and The Living Weapon

41. The Morning After Job With Jordan

We’re watching the Morning After Job, joined by Jordan, ask us about Hockey Enforcers, Baseball bats, and matte blue lipstick.

We also discuss that red hot Australian summer, a comfortable climate of grey, the thanksgiving bit, McSweeny Todd the demon FBI agent of flint street, Frankie tries to sink our IMDB bit-tleship, language is important, wrestling is the only real sport, known Beatles hater Cassidy, series overarching plot? What series overarching plot?, making reference to children’s things, Tangent central, we discuss Eeveelutions, I’m in this picture and I don’t like it, a Frankien slip is when you accidentally say the name of a wrestler in an unrelated conversation, grumpy Elliot, too many bugs on Nate’s bed (AKA is Nate Kinky?), the guys do a police brutality threat (they’re in character),  the Italian’s legs, our poor neglected e-mail and Tumblr, blue lips(tick), Democratic meat grounds inside a cellulose casing, Vriska and (Vriska), Cass gets sent to hell, El Word.

Jenny E Nicholson’s Youtube Channel
She-Ra on Netflix
What’s McCracken
She, Her, Hers
Fanfic Rec: The Many Faces of Har--er, Adira Potter

40. The King George Job

We’re watching the King George Job, we’re talking about Knighthoods, Protecting kids, and the Mystery of Miss Deveraux.
We also discuss rating the team members out of 10, it’s the Moreau plot, Nate thinks Sophie might be getting emotionally invested, Parker seduces the vault, he loves that monarchy, the Sophie’s name subplot returns, Hardison is weirdly buff?, taking out idiot, they stole Frankie’s bit, hey Tom47 on IMDB fuck your Leverage sins, Micheal Bay (Alolan form).

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix
The Three Secret Cities by Matthew Reilly
Fanfic Rec: Carrion (Venom 2018)

39. The Rashomon Job

We’re watching the Rashomon Job, we’re talking about acclaimed Japanese film-maker Akira Kurosawa, Shrimp Allergies, and Novelty Mugs.

We also discuss taking advantage of capitalism, videogames are sometimes good, Cass watched some live wrestling, Wrestling and children’s theatre are the same, this was a really good episode, what happened to the Italian?, The Deveraux identities, kudos to Mr Coswell’s Actor, shrimp is good, shrimp and prawns are different things apparently, Pax Australia send us an invite, Sophie’s memories are super Shakespearian, Elliot’s been typecast, fun with accents, cracking the ol’ Tanuki, BIG KNIFE, the Sophie chef, Hardison was underage drinking, Cass saw John Barrowman live, Steven Borden wielded by Bilbo Baggins, Ikiru spoilers end at 1:17:27, how to make handles, free food power move, please good people somehow find a way to get the Vampire: the Masquerade licence.

Free stuff on your Birthday
Scrambled: Syd City
We Know the Devil
Fanfic Rec: The Night is Ours (Life is Strange Mythical Creatures AU 2 part series)

38. The Underground Job

We’re watching the Underground Job, we’re talking about Miner 49er, Country Roads (take me home), and the United Mine Workers of America.

We also discuss the Audio Entropy Extra Life Stream, Claremont-isms, fuck deregulation, the Lesbian Soul Reaper, the Mike Schur problem, unions are good, Nate does a misogyny, oh wow actually we can see why some people might ship Parker/Sophie, some weird ableism, what happened to the Italian? We actually ask this this time, the second Kingsman movie is big on misogyny but it has a good rendition of Country Roads, That scene in Shrek 2 where they discuss unions, F/F category triumph, The Audio Entropy Fanfic Network.

Miracle of Sound Youtube Channel
Audio Entropy Extra Life Stream Archive
Cass’s Fanfic rec: A Place in the Sun by Sapphic_giraffic (Naruto Fanfic)

37. The Three Card Monte Job

We’re watching the Three Card Monte Job, we’re talking about the Biblical Judith, the Motorola Razor, pigs who like coffee, and La Familia (again).

We also discuss: Frankie’s B-day (Happy Birthday!), Venom Brock and his Earthlien Husband, referential humour, Time Wizard, we don’t actually discuss this in the episode but where did the Italian go?, a terrible tool of capitalism, Parker and the Crowbar, casts in the cradle, Jimmy Ford’s just got one of those faces, oh Worm, sorry this is Maine, minicons, but like miniature cons, not the transformers faction, one last job, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, ceiling parker is watching you confront your paternal issues, liquid accent, the latest Totally Reprise, fuck you Moffat (that sad sack of shit), Brown Eyes by Young Nate, Come on the Show SophieD, we love Werewolves, Visual novel and fanfic authors have passion that is often absent from other fiction mediums, Cass needs to learn how to Yes And, Asta La Vista Usagi.

This Live performance of the Lupinranger vs Patranger theme.
Loan Wolf
Sing for Me Overwatch Werecreature AU
Rainbow Rowell

36. The Boost Job

We’re Watching the Boost Job, we’re talking about Speed Racer (2008), Parker meeting her former self, and going into a shop every week to look around even though you never buy anything there.

We also discuss: WTF is Waypoint, Racecar driver rant, our charming adverts, the Green Ghost, who you gonna call? Go-Busters!, Entrapment is bad, pitching Starcrossed, what was this actress in?, they’ve been blown, the Dumpster Drosse, Funny Danny DeVito be a Trashman, notes confusion, deadlines, we talk about Bleach and how the first 2 arcs are the best.

Littlekuriboh watches Yu-Gi-oh GX
Netflix’s Bleach
The Lonely Wolf treat games by Nami

35. The Gone Fishing Job

We’re watching the Gone Fishing Job. We’re talking about cyclerobics, Big Bass Pro fishing for the Nintendo Wii, and god damnit there’s literal neo nazis in this episode.
We also discuss: anything we can to avoid talking about this episode, Sombra / Zagara Shipping, the latest Lovestruck, the return of Irwin R Schyster, fishing, Mr Crabs, Parker’s exercise sub, Elliot does care, we get so tired, Bon Jovi, the rats, who was Shego with?
Country Roads Rhythm game VR

Press A to Gay plays Butterfly Soup
Jackbox Party Pack 5

34. The Studio Job with Kendall

We’re watching the Studio Job, joined once again by Kendall. We talk about Memphis, Bjork, and Fangirls.
We also discuss: Nashville, not a bad or good episode, Music production errors, DO @ Kendal, Justin of Bieber, what is music?, the fiddle game, that one wrestler, this guy doesn’t look like Mick Foley, Something about James Elsworth, white people are really common in films huh?, The Matrix, Autotune, its just 3 chords, sampling from country, a real spit-take, Sigur Rós, ribs for breakfast, iceberg water, Autotune again, Jonathan Colton, Zack’s A-Team headcanon, Cash and Carter-Cash, Folsom Prison Blues, someone went on the internet and lied to Cass, Bjork’s hair, the invention of podcasting, Venom was a movie, Cass liked it, Kendall isn’t sure, Frankie plays visual novels, Venom knows that ACAB, that dang wig, Venom spoilers/discussion ends at 1:30:18,  Doctor Who and we don’t like shipping the Doctor with companions, our friend Taylor Lautner.
13 Demon Princes

Love is Strange
Star Wars Resistance
Doctor Who season 11

33. The Double-Blind Job

We’re Watching the Double-Blind Job, we’re talking about Paracetamol/Ibuprofen, Champagne, and Samples in Seattle.

We also discuss: We agree this episode was kinda bad, what happened in this opening scene?, Women be having emotions in this episode, comically evil villain, the system is definitely not broken, Walking trails, Captain Planet, Elliot is back to being a shit, the pretzels, did Hardison and Parker swap personalities this episode?, puns are what really matter, what is length?, Wrestling Kitty, do it for Meechee.

Parker and Alex by Sophie D
In progress Pokémon
Butterfly Soup
Butterfly Soup Let’s Play by Hex Code Girls

The Coin Store

32. The Scheherazade Job

We’re Watching the Scheherazade job, and we’re joined by Kendal. We’re talking about 1001 Nights, the Super Skrull, and Fictional African nations ruled by someone who’s brother is plotting overseas against him.

We also discuss Cass messed up the time zones so it’s really late for Kendall and he’s running on 6 cups of Coffee, Lovestruck’s challenge day, Cass’ first Pride, there’s one very bad thing, the bar is taking the subway, Gus is here, bad car assassin, is that a good comics reference?, Endurance Elliot is now Many Punch Man,  The Italian returns, the Reason for the Season,  Mythology episodes, the Stradivarius Trombone, The Brothers Moto, Let’s Flash a Podcast, Dirtbag Seinfeld podcast, Justin Fakedoe, Canadian Bacon, Kendal has thoughts about computers vs violin for success with ladies,  Kendal has thoughts about the sounds of string instruments, Scheherazade is just as loud as the 1812 Overture, Centigrade vs Epinephrine, Kendal’s Beethoven’s 9th Symphony joke, it’s no Chopin, where’s that Timmy kid?, Frankie guesses what we’re stealing next week.

Kendal’s new Album Who Cares About Halloween?
13 Demon Princes
Drawfee Channel
The President Luthor Collection on Comixology

31. The Inside Job

We’re watching the Inside Job, we’re talking about Leeches, wheat, and learning robots.

We also discuss: fuck you leverage writers, the singing this episode, that will be covered in trivia, There is no spoon, the No-sell, Hank Green and the Nerd-fighters, “you sly dog, you caught me monologuing”, Hwheat, villainous PowerPoint, the zombies in Madagascar, Chekov’s Reporter, Elliot hairflip, the trivia equation gets back on track, Leverage sins, “it’s a learning robot”, “It’s a handjob robot, Cass!”, Mokujin, Hungle Fungus, Sweet breads, Kicking Scott Morrison’s ass to the curb, Australia Jokes, 5+ years till we announce a Patreon.

Fisto, the Sex-Bot of Fallout: New Vegas
Vampire Koala
Leech Vampire art
Australians can Enrol to vote HERE.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Tries and Fails
American Vandal Season 2
Crazy Little Things (Luna/Hermione Fanfic)
Safe (Emma/Regina Fanfic)
De-recommendations: Winx Club (Badly Animated, but Cass is going to watch it again)

30. The Reunion Job

We’re watching the Reunion Job, we’re talking about Shawarma, hypno-dom, and things we can’t relate to.
We might also discuss, this episode was badly written, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Alchemist, that thing from the end of the Dark Knight, please excuse Cass’ dad doing carpentry in the background, nerd that was bullied and is now rich and evil, Cass got bored editing and put in song clips, floppy floppies, what does Roman Reigns call his Roman Room?, Sherlock is garbage, the Nateflix Cue, this episode feels odd, the algorithm is broken, Leverage sins, we’ve never eaten Shawwarma, character scenes, our crime families.


29. The Jailhouse Job

Season 3 begins! We’re watching the Jailhouse Job, we’re talking about Kielbasa, dental, and drycleaning!

We also discuss: Que pasa, Kielbasa?, what’s parker’s fursona?, leverage characters as sonic hedgehogs, the Languas Romances, capitalism suck,  sticking some meat in your ear, casual trivia, Antarctic exhibitionists, deli meats, Frankie’s Turkey story, Christmas dinner, Clothesline symbolism, .

Ars Paradoxica
Making a music playlist of songs that make you feel good.