X9. Nacho Libre

We’re watching Nacho Libre, we’re talking about Chips, Lucha Libre, and Sin.

Avengers Endgame Spoilers/discussion goes from 10:00 to 41:22.

We apologize for the technical difficulties throughout the episode.

We also discuss why did we watch this?, visually a fine film, horny but the bad horny not the fun horny, the creative process, we realise we didn’t talk about stuff, we talk about endgame for like half an hour, character was good, beating my Kokomo romance to the punch, character had a good arc throughout the series, the link is fatphobia, wtf is cardio, dab, spoilers for ‘Just Like Heaven’ end at 24:35, how long until we can’t watch the Marvel Netflix shows anymore?, RWBY gets better, aimless Fabby, armour sets, the first of many times ‘Horny’ appears in our notes, who is the target audience here?, trash carts, paying the ferryman, orphan chips, friends of the children King and Gamera, munchy bread, “this movie could be good if it wasn’t bad”, poop in a training montage, “Torneo de lucha”?, these might all be real wrestlers, horny salad prep or sexy cream pour, Mascarita Sagrada, the Lucha’s new clothes, oh hey Gunter Hanzig is here, wrestlers have bad foreheads, stealing trivia, does anyone actually read these?, eye corn,  these battle-royale guys err what?, his mom’s lucky machete, who takes the blame for us watching this? It’s Luke’s fault, Ramses No. 1 Hypnosis, La Magistral, Crasher Wake?, our fave chips (Oporto and 5 Guys/Alamo Drafthouse), Fabby’s YGGP Naruto Article.

The One Marvelous Scene Playlist
Girlpool – Before the World was Big
Two Girls Make a Game by npckc