59. The Lonely Hearts Job

We’re watching the Lonely Hearts Job, we’re talking about The Bachelor(ette), Alcohol Tasting, and Charity Auctions.

We also discuss meow meow meow meow, dogsitting, acceptable boy Harry Potter fanfics, AAAB, Cactuar get, RWBY problems, the duck was my squeaky chair, bird twitter poll, who is Anya from Buffy?, the libertarian episode, Rich Man Long Name IV, the boys are scared of emotions, Nia Jax entrance theme, the premise is sus, the writers think Parker doesn’t know about sex, Black Widow, Patty Jenkins and Cate Shorthand, Parker is tall, we miss the beach-beach, Eliot/Hardison = all ship dynamics, Parker’s great outfits, Nate and Jimmy bonding time, the team didn’t think this con through, Eliot is a good bro for his bros, oh THAT Anya from Buffy, Flossing to get the hip new cool audiences, we’re doing the thing, what happens in Nacho Libre?

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