58. The Boys Night Out Job

We’re watching the Boys Night Out Job, we’re talking about Poker Nights, Madonna, and Puppies!

We also discuss “funny” podcast have technical difficulties, Power Rangers Comics, Interstitial, the new PokéRap, XIV meets XV, a song of blah and huh, Cass was on the news in costume, messrs Moore, Hardison is overcompensating this episode, this episode is shitty about group therapy, iPod Touch, this episode has problems but its pretty funny, Hurley go on the Good Place, cool umbrella trick, “I had dreams too, Liam”, who is Shelley?, bottles of soda, medicine is expensive (shocker), Bi-olet and Worm, good (bad) Irish accents, you want your fave priest but need the big venue, Eliot does a weekend at Bernie’s, Uniform kink or hiccupping while being flirted with is cute, who is Shelley?, there are problems with Hurley going out with Peggy, Madonna’s looks, Pepper was right behind her, Frankie and the ARGonauts, “hey loser do you wanna teleport”, Exit 69 (nice).

4th Curtis – Ur the Right 1
Suburban Legends Covers
Frozen (2010)