X8. The Opera in the Outback Caper

We’re watching The Opera in the Outback Caper, we’re talking about Hypnosis, Rockets, and 'Carmen'.

NB: This is a purely for fun April Fools Episode, listen to us try to keep up the kayfabe that you’re hearing Cassidy (Jessie) and Fabby-Ann from a slightly different universe.

We also discuss Kingdom Hearts Online, Dishonored 3 trailer, Dark Knights Metal animated film, in our opinion Carmen is Puerto Rican, people really love being ignorant of anti-Romani bigotry, we don’t know how old this Carmen is, the Cowards Jos Humphrey and Kenny Park, Adventuresses have potent Sapphic Aura, self-namesearchers don’t interact, Australia’s Space agency, Jessie likes Saira Belum, Fabby dislikes Player, the twins need SPF 1000+ sunscreen, Graham might be a Michiganian candidate, the wizard Sorb Renraw, Mother Courage, Sonic Party, Emerald says hi to the little folk, we were both rather taken with Ms Sandiego in our youths, De-Gum your Shoes, the Flying Chanclas.

Guitar Hero 27