X3. Lupinranger VS Patranger with Mike and Emily from Teenagers with Attitude

We’re Watching the first 2 episodes of Lupinranger VS Patranger. We’re also Joined by Mike and Emily from Teenagers With Attitude!

In which Cass puts her best foot forward, but forgets to do the pre-planned bit, Cops VS Rogers, Japan and Lupin, this show is stylish, Pordermen are cool as heck, we have no love for law enforcement, masticating the scenery, Emily’s Angry Dork Boy, sexism in Ranger assignment at the GSPO, we all <3 Commander Hilltop, Keiichiro’s Angry eyebrows, Cass and Emily love Gauche, is he a cat? , Umika’s galpal, and Toei is experimenting.

And in Episode 2 we talk about: some cliffhangers from later in the series, there’s a cool AF vehicle sequence, the death toll is catastrophic, the Thieves’ Promise, Mob drama, what if Mr Freeze is a cowboy, we unfortunately witness the “refusal to comply strike”, Goodie’s a free agent, we discuss Tokus for a bit.

We read off a lot more trivia than normal. Cass has some fun with clarifications in trivia. ASCASB.

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