39. The Rashomon Job

We’re watching the Rashomon Job, we’re talking about acclaimed Japanese film-maker Akira Kurosawa, Shrimp Allergies, and Novelty Mugs.

We also discuss taking advantage of capitalism, videogames are sometimes good, Cass watched some live wrestling, Wrestling and children’s theatre are the same, this was a really good episode, what happened to the Italian?, The Deveraux identities, kudos to Mr Coswell’s Actor, shrimp is good, shrimp and prawns are different things apparently, Pax Australia send us an invite, Sophie’s memories are super Shakespearian, Elliot’s been typecast, fun with accents, cracking the ol’ Tanuki, BIG KNIFE, the Sophie chef, Hardison was underage drinking, Cass saw John Barrowman live, Steven Borden wielded by Bilbo Baggins, Ikiru spoilers end at 1:17:27, how to make handles, free food power move, please good people somehow find a way to get the Vampire: the Masquerade licence.

Free stuff on your Birthday
Scrambled: Syd City
We Know the Devil
Fanfic Rec: The Night is Ours (Life is Strange Mythical Creatures AU 2 part series)

38. The Underground Job

We’re watching the Underground Job, we’re talking about Miner 49er, Country Roads (take me home), and the United Mine Workers of America.

We also discuss the Audio Entropy Extra Life Stream, Claremont-isms, fuck deregulation, the Lesbian Soul Reaper, the Mike Schur problem, unions are good, Nate does a misogyny, oh wow actually we can see why some people might ship Parker/Sophie, some weird ableism, what happened to the Italian? We actually ask this this time, the second Kingsman movie is big on misogyny but it has a good rendition of Country Roads, That scene in Shrek 2 where they discuss unions, F/F category triumph, The Audio Entropy Fanfic Network.

Miracle of Sound Youtube Channel
Audio Entropy Extra Life Stream Archive
Cass’s Fanfic rec: A Place in the Sun by Sapphic_giraffic (Naruto Fanfic)

37. The Three Card Monte Job

We’re watching the Three Card Monte Job, we’re talking about the Biblical Judith, the Motorola Razor, pigs who like coffee, and La Familia (again).

We also discuss: Frankie’s B-day (Happy Birthday!), Venom Brock and his Earthlien Husband, referential humour, Time Wizard, we don’t actually discuss this in the episode but where did the Italian go?, a terrible tool of capitalism, Parker and the Crowbar, casts in the cradle, Jimmy Ford’s just got one of those faces, oh Worm, sorry this is Maine, minicons, but like miniature cons, not the transformers faction, one last job, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, ceiling parker is watching you confront your paternal issues, liquid accent, the latest Totally Reprise, fuck you Moffat (that sad sack of shit), Brown Eyes by Young Nate, Come on the Show SophieD, we love Werewolves, Visual novel and fanfic authors have passion that is often absent from other fiction mediums, Cass needs to learn how to Yes And, Asta La Vista Usagi.

This Live performance of the Lupinranger vs Patranger theme.
Loan Wolf
Sing for Me Overwatch Werecreature AU
Rainbow Rowell

36. The Boost Job

We’re Watching the Boost Job, we’re talking about Speed Racer (2008), Parker meeting her former self, and going into a shop every week to look around even though you never buy anything there.

We also discuss: WTF is Waypoint, Racecar driver rant, our charming adverts, the Green Ghost, who you gonna call? Go-Busters!, Entrapment is bad, pitching Starcrossed, what was this actress in?, they’ve been blown, the Dumpster Drosse, Funny Danny DeVito be a Trashman, notes confusion, deadlines, we talk about Bleach and how the first 2 arcs are the best.

Littlekuriboh watches Yu-Gi-oh GX
Netflix’s Bleach
The Lonely Wolf treat games by Nami

35. The Gone Fishing Job

We’re watching the Gone Fishing Job. We’re talking about cyclerobics, Big Bass Pro fishing for the Nintendo Wii, and god damnit there’s literal neo nazis in this episode.
We also discuss: anything we can to avoid talking about this episode, Sombra / Zagara Shipping, the latest Lovestruck, the return of Irwin R Schyster, fishing, Mr Crabs, Parker’s exercise sub, Elliot does care, we get so tired, Bon Jovi, the rats, who was Shego with?
Country Roads Rhythm game VR

Press A to Gay plays Butterfly Soup
Jackbox Party Pack 5

34. The Studio Job with Kendall

We’re watching the Studio Job, joined once again by Kendall. We talk about Memphis, Bjork, and Fangirls.
We also discuss: Nashville, not a bad or good episode, Music production errors, DO @ Kendal, Justin of Bieber, what is music?, the fiddle game, that one wrestler, this guy doesn’t look like Mick Foley, Something about James Elsworth, white people are really common in films huh?, The Matrix, Autotune, its just 3 chords, sampling from country, a real spit-take, Sigur Rós, ribs for breakfast, iceberg water, Autotune again, Jonathan Colton, Zack’s A-Team headcanon, Cash and Carter-Cash, Folsom Prison Blues, someone went on the internet and lied to Cass, Bjork’s hair, the invention of podcasting, Venom was a movie, Cass liked it, Kendall isn’t sure, Frankie plays visual novels, Venom knows that ACAB, that dang wig, Venom spoilers/discussion ends at 1:30:18,  Doctor Who and we don’t like shipping the Doctor with companions, our friend Taylor Lautner.
13 Demon Princes

Love is Strange
Star Wars Resistance
Doctor Who season 11

33. The Double-Blind Job

We’re Watching the Double-Blind Job, we’re talking about Paracetamol/Ibuprofen, Champagne, and Samples in Seattle.

We also discuss: We agree this episode was kinda bad, what happened in this opening scene?, Women be having emotions in this episode, comically evil villain, the system is definitely not broken, Walking trails, Captain Planet, Elliot is back to being a shit, the pretzels, did Hardison and Parker swap personalities this episode?, puns are what really matter, what is length?, Wrestling Kitty, do it for Meechee.

Parker and Alex by Sophie D
In progress Pokémon
Butterfly Soup
Butterfly Soup Let’s Play by Hex Code Girls

The Coin Store

32. The Scheherazade Job

We’re Watching the Scheherazade job, and we’re joined by Kendal. We’re talking about 1001 Nights, the Super Skrull, and Fictional African nations ruled by someone who’s brother is plotting overseas against him.

We also discuss Cass messed up the time zones so it’s really late for Kendall and he’s running on 6 cups of Coffee, Lovestruck’s challenge day, Cass’ first Pride, there’s one very bad thing, the bar is taking the subway, Gus is here, bad car assassin, is that a good comics reference?, Endurance Elliot is now Many Punch Man,  The Italian returns, the Reason for the Season,  Mythology episodes, the Stradivarius Trombone, The Brothers Moto, Let’s Flash a Podcast, Dirtbag Seinfeld podcast, Justin Fakedoe, Canadian Bacon, Kendal has thoughts about computers vs violin for success with ladies,  Kendal has thoughts about the sounds of string instruments, Scheherazade is just as loud as the 1812 Overture, Centigrade vs Epinephrine, Kendal’s Beethoven’s 9th Symphony joke, it’s no Chopin, where’s that Timmy kid?, Frankie guesses what we’re stealing next week.

Kendal’s new Album Who Cares About Halloween?
13 Demon Princes
Drawfee Channel
The President Luthor Collection on Comixology

31. The Inside Job

We’re watching the Inside Job, we’re talking about Leeches, wheat, and learning robots.

We also discuss: fuck you leverage writers, the singing this episode, that will be covered in trivia, There is no spoon, the No-sell, Hank Green and the Nerd-fighters, “you sly dog, you caught me monologuing”, Hwheat, villainous PowerPoint, the zombies in Madagascar, Chekov’s Reporter, Elliot hairflip, the trivia equation gets back on track, Leverage sins, “it’s a learning robot”, “It’s a handjob robot, Cass!”, Mokujin, Hungle Fungus, Sweet breads, Kicking Scott Morrison’s ass to the curb, Australia Jokes, 5+ years till we announce a Patreon.

Fisto, the Sex-Bot of Fallout: New Vegas
Vampire Koala
Leech Vampire art
Australians can Enrol to vote HERE.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Tries and Fails
American Vandal Season 2
Crazy Little Things (Luna/Hermione Fanfic)
Safe (Emma/Regina Fanfic)
De-recommendations: Winx Club (Badly Animated, but Cass is going to watch it again)

30. The Reunion Job

We’re watching the Reunion Job, we’re talking about Shawarma, hypno-dom, and things we can’t relate to.
We might also discuss, this episode was badly written, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Alchemist, that thing from the end of the Dark Knight, please excuse Cass’ dad doing carpentry in the background, nerd that was bullied and is now rich and evil, Cass got bored editing and put in song clips, floppy floppies, what does Roman Reigns call his Roman Room?, Sherlock is garbage, the Nateflix Cue, this episode feels odd, the algorithm is broken, Leverage sins, we’ve never eaten Shawwarma, character scenes, our crime families.


29. The Jailhouse Job

Season 3 begins! We’re watching the Jailhouse Job, we’re talking about Kielbasa, dental, and drycleaning!

We also discuss: Que pasa, Kielbasa?, what’s parker’s fursona?, leverage characters as sonic hedgehogs, the Languas Romances, capitalism suck,  sticking some meat in your ear, casual trivia, Antarctic exhibitionists, deli meats, Frankie’s Turkey story, Christmas dinner, Clothesline symbolism, .

Ars Paradoxica
Making a music playlist of songs that make you feel good.

X5: Charlie’s Angels with Ashley and Emily

We’re watching Charlie’s Angels (2000) staring Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore, with Ashley and Emily! We’re talking about Union Dommes, Shake’N’Bake, and sword canes.

We also discuss that this isn’t a comeback, just as horny and racially insensitive as Totally Spies, Cass is ignorant of US celebrities, we’re already in unfortunate implications zone, Cass broke down in editing at the same time in the show, Chekov’s (the) Chad, Tom Green is here, Joey from friends  is here, Bill Murray is here, Tim Curry is here, was Quentin Tarantino here?, there’s nuns here at the burg place, this film was surprisingly un-gay, Tim Curry voice “Anime”, Creepspin Glover, a bad heist, Socialism Dominatrices, Cass mentions the Village People again, Soul Train, Vivian’s new wardrobe, Chekov’s (the) Chad goes off, straddling a missile, lots of trivia, that’s a plot point in the sequel, we can’t be funny at 1am, there’s no such thing as too many swords.

The clip that inspired this episode.

Fantasy Name Generators.com
Punch Up the Jam
The Film: Saving Face

X4: The Dungeon Job

This week on the podcast, we’re doing something a little different. We’ll be discussing Demon Worship, Feudalism, and our very own Con. So, let’s go steal an Adventure.
The theme this week is an altered version of “Malicious” by Kevin Macloed, liscenced under creative commons: by Attribution 3.0.

Cassidy and Frankie are Joined this week by Lexi of Audio Entropy, Ryan of WYFcast, and friend of the show Jasmine to play a Leverage themed D&D adventure.
During the adventure we also discuss: We have witnesses, Dragons as cats, Cass takes a Lore dump, that pesky bean dip, the trouble with centaurs and climbing, would a centaur wear pant like this?, strategic rats, a team baby. Master Blaster, Ky’s 3 life size monster high dolls, Selwyn Swinton the Hentai Knight, they take the squid, this is just Hitman, the DC to pursued the squid was 24, if a centaur wore a dress, Lexi disagrees with a quilt, comedy damage, old man strength, sleep, and the Wife cast.

Season 2 Retrospective: Family

We’re recapping season 2! We’re talking about Family, the grass being greener, and fence sitting.

We also discuss: Blockbuster Video, the bad genre of gaming (MOBAs), Dead by Daylight, Sophie’s (lack of an) Arc, Tara is real freakin’ good y’all, plumbing the rich mines of AO3, Mamma Mia AU, Tara Cole Headcanon uncovered, Mr Bannana, a fuhckin Garde, Richard Nixon back again, long shot, weedstock, straightedgegate, ediblerock, we write Tara/Sophie fanfic, the weed ritual, Joisey Boys, things to come.

Namco High
Kim’s Convenience
SophieD prolific Leverage Fanfic Author

28. The Maltese Falcon Job

It’s the Season 2 Finale! We’re watching the Maltese Falcon Job, ask us about room service, bodies in bathtubs, and reunions. And oh boy do we have an episode for y’all.

We also discuss: Spoilers, notetaking, the good but also copaganda show Brooklyn 99, Leslie Knope; of the people, Parker likes girls, nudity and power, Tara is very good (yet again), that smuggler played a cop, mini bobka bobbles, 420 Elliot Spencer, hard hitting fusion commentary, Parker goes on HGA, Hardison’s 90s collection of Banshee comics, the people don’t need to know, the dark web, Parker has killed before and shall kill again, Tara vanishes into thin air, we are all digging Dug, letsstealapodcast.com-not.com.tumbr.au-not.au.com, Cass has to research the ownership of her local theme parks on the fly, a distinct lack of Zerg, the success/lack of success of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Cass’ revenge, the sound a helicopter makes.

Postgame of thrones
War on Waste: Season 1 Recap
Let Me Tell You About Evangelion

27. The Three Strikes Job

We’re watching the Three Strikes Job, we’re talking about fast ball (specials), (people who are not a) crook, and Lucille (ball is life) the van.27. the three strikes job

We also discuss: Winter in Australia, why should we care about Bonano?, Mr Nixon’s absence, Gotham, can we really tell if Culpepper is a republican?, we’ll watch a baseball, full-contact baseball, we all want sandwiches named after us, it’s a sting, the shadow knows, this episode thinks it’s great, Sonic and Pinball, Cass has fursonas?, who is GUN?,  when words sound better in your head, a moment of silence for all fursonas who wear latex.

Adam Savage’s Cosplay videos
Sports anime: Haikyu!!

26. The Future Job

We’re watching the Future Job, we’re talking about bicycles, hot/cold readings, and revenge.

We also discuss Fake Australia, Archie’s dad, P!nk, Rands, mystery game, the team are supportive of their friend Parker, to the pain,  you want the chewy plastic but you need the sour gummies, yadda yadda yadda, socks are still on, video game minutia, Mario’s Time Machine, mold bags. We also chat for a bit afterwards.

Lesbian Vampire Dating Online
American Vandal

25. the Zanzibar Marketplace Job

We’re watching the Zanzibar Marketplace Job, we’re talking about Faberge eggs, Chicken Kiev, and weird elevators.

We also discus: Stone cold in Austin, we have to discus Hardison’s scripting, Friday $13 tattoos, Jim is back, Diplomatic immunity, we continue to see horrible capitalists, water is wet, ParkerBatman, Tara continues to be very good, resituating the egg, Maggie’s bad taste in men, Cass grabs the grenade, TELL HER THE TRUTH, eggs in utopia, Griffin likes Vore, one of Cass’ ants tries to escape.

Kiki and Kitty
Super Zero
Got it memorised Interstitial actual play podcast

24. The Bottle Job

We’re watching the Bottle Job, we’re talking about the three pointer shots, three leaf clovers, and three undercover badges.

We also discuss: Cassidy’s prolonged tf story, the Sting, the golden- GILMORE girls, Liam and Liam’s brother, Tara is a co-worker not a friend but she is very good, Misogyny on both sides, Frankie recites poetry, emergency fun, old(er) man Nate, the Homestuck of Rom-Coms, deep cut to National treasure 2: book of secrets, our trivia hypothesis is once again failed to be disproven, the unfortunately titled but fascinating mechanics of Lovecraft games, Mr Kojima’s been unleashed, Donate so we can Do Nate.

Pizza delivery robot
hBomberguy: Adapting Lovecraft video
Audio Entropy Discord

Zee Bashew’s D&D animations including the animated spellbook
Locke & Key

23. The Runway Job

We’re Watching the Runway Job, we’re talking about JRPG style Belts, Andre V, and the Hawaii 5-0 drum solo.

We also discuss how Andre V is fictional and no one knew what the question post meant, the Pupcast/Jiminy’s Journal/Frankie Takes off, the show decided not to talk about immigration and good because they wouldn’t do it well, we like Tara, the show is confused that wlw exist, we discuss athiests and the bronies, the cutie marks of the leverage crew, Mondo on 2010’s Project Runway, Cass reluctantly views some of Tetsuya Nomura’s Designs,
Cloud, Donald and Pete, Lulu, DiZ
 Parker knows maths, is Nate/Sophie unhealthy?, free the titty.

Ashley’s Patreon
Hawaii 5-o fill From here

Oxhorn’s Fallout Lore Videos. Helios One, Archimedes II and the Euclid C-Finder
Obiswan Kenobi’s Twitch Account