Episode 19: Man Enough

It's an episode of dualities this week as Luke is rejoined by former guests Alex and Ty to discuss mid-'90s interactive porn, mid-'80s interactive porn, strategy in the western theater of WWII, naval combat in the eastern theater of WWII, and a pretty good video game based on a pretty abysmal film. Along the way, they pitch their idea for Serial (Cereal?) Season 3 and discuss the prolific career of legendary actor Rushfer Berlin. YOUR GAMES THIS WEEK ARE: Man Enough, for PC; Swedish Erotica: Bachelor Party, for Atari; PT Boats: Knights of the Sea, for PC; Rush for Berlin Gold, for PC; and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, for GameBoy Advance. You can find the up to date ranked list at bit.ly/letsplace