Episode 14: The Conduit 2--sorry, I mean Conduit 2

Luke is joined once again by Tal, and new, clapping-impaired guest Bob. They discuss the potential verisimilitude of kid-friendly Las Vegas simulators, the degree to which they <3 the music of the 1980s, playing weird simplistic flash games in the early 2000s, bizarre narratively driven variations on Minesweeper, and one of the greatest endings in all of video games. YOUR GAMES THIS WEEK ARE: Las Vegas Tycoon, for PC; Lips: I <3 the 80s, for Xbox 360; WebWar, for PC; Trolls (1993), for Atari ST; and The Conduit 2--sorry, I mean just Conduit 2, for Wii. You can find the up-to-date ranked list at bit.ly/letsplace.