Ashley talks about her favorite theme park as we explore the rides and restaurants of Epcot and get into larger discussions about when corporate propaganda meets the vision of a better world.

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Theme Park Video Games

Before YouTube if you couldn't visit a park you just made your own in the countless video games based on the concept. We talk old favorites, current obsessions and the worst of the worst.

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Ava just came back from Carowinds so she gets in deep with all the roller coasters from the fantastic Fury 325 to the new hotness Copperhead Strike. We also talk about getting sick at parks and what makes a ride beautiful.

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Zoos/Reptile Houses/Aquariums

2018 04 PZ The Zoo logo.jpg

Looking for something everyone has experience with we talk about all the places you can see animals. What starts off as a discussion on how zoos work and how they construct things turns into our most off the rails episode as we talk about panda sex and exotic pests.


Universal Studios Orlando


We talk about the place next to the Happiest Place on Earth as we dive DEEP into Universal, going section by section. We talk about how the Mummy Ride is one of the greatest indoor coasters, Ashley wrestles with her feelings on Harry Potter and Ava geeks out about Jurassic Park. Also hear our opinion on screen based rides, the best queue in amusement park and listen to us be baffled by the Jimmy Fallon ride.


Jumping from the larger parks to more local stuff, we talk about fairs! We talk about fun houses, the Rough Tugger and the cryptid known as the Circleville Pumpkin Man.

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Episode 1: Introductions

Ava and Ashley start their new podcast all about theme parks by talking about their favorite rides, favorite parks and just general experiences we love at theme parks. We also spend some time on teaching park lingo, childhood trips, dinosaurs and start talking about how Avatar Land sounds like a nightmare.

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