Bonus Episode 5: The Best in the Country

Susie Q (1996)

Susie Q (1996)

I know you all were expecting a normal episode today, but we had some scheduling issues. So instead, we decided to go fishing for charm bracelets in our local river to catch a bonus episode for you all! We finally cover the film fans voted for in our poll, even if we have a lot of trouble actually staying on topic while we talk about it.

Emma loses the location and loves spooky boys.

Lucas forgets his own age and hates the word straddle.

Talking Points: A Germany Joint, Nobody Finished This Movie, Disney Channel Period Pieces, Power Rangers Crushes, Charm Bracelets, A Chappaquiddick Situation, Babies Named Zack, Computer-girl, A Pointless Jurassic Park Detour, Over-Confident Parenting, J. Crew Dad, A Pointless Casper Detour, Throwing Shade at Dan Aykroyd, Canadian Tuxedos, Creepy Janitors, Butt Shots, Dress Destruction, Weather Report Hijinks, Balloon Payments, Heaven is Real, Crazy Sound Design, Old Man Potter Energy, BANK HEIST, Deed Hunting, Nonsensical Police Corruption, Surprising Gun Use, Nothing Feels Solved, The Stupidest Ending

Music: “Susie Q” by Dale Hawkins

Bonus Episode 4: A Special Place

Life-Size (2000)

Life-Size (2000)

Sorry your Christmas present ended being a little late everyone, but since Life-Size 2 just came out, Eve dolls were on back order. But still, we wanted to celebrate the long-awaited sequel by going back to the original tale of friendship, love, and the crushing weight of a dead loved one driving you to study the dark arts. Ya, know: kids’ stuff!

Emma looks into the eyes of a proud husky and reveals her secret desires.

Lucas can’t get over the money and feels like a creep.

Talking Points: Lohan Appreciation, Off-Brand Dennis Leary, Broke Ass Font, Microchips: What Every Girl Wants, Female Football Trailblazer, Legal Drama, Balto Lore, Wolf of the Wonderful World of Disney, Etch-a-Sketchy, Magic Websites, Frisco Vibes, Teaching Kids About Pentagrams, These Children Are Demons, Casey Got Cash, Drew’s Games, American Girl Psycho, This Is All Drew’s Fault, Eve’s Agency, Seatbelt!, DRESS-UP MONTAGE, Eve’s Mission, Workplace Massages, Pore-less, The Best Band in The Universe, An Extremely Inappropriate Joke, A Dead Mom Has Purpose, 100 Watt Smile, Nobody’s Perfect, Tiny Backpacks, Eve Leaves

Music: “Be a Star” Performed by Tyra Banks, and “C’est la Vie” by B*Witched

Bonus Episode 3: This Is Prime Time Baby

My Date With the President's Daughter (1998)

My Date With the President's Daughter (1998)

After a long wait, the DCOMedy crew finally sits down to give you the presidential treatment with a bonus episode on My Date With The President's Daughter. Join us as we discuss a film that is basically a DCOM but a little more adult since it was made for ABC. What that means is it turns out to essentially be a poorly conceived romantic comedy narrative where the writers just tried to make crazy thing after crazy thing happen to our leads. 

Emma really wants to talk about the West Wing and misses CD stores. Lucas’ audio got a little messed up and does a Southern accent.

Talking Points: A Surprisingly Catchy Song, The Wonderful World of Disney, President Prickly, CanadAmerica, Your Move Sorkin, Friedle’s Hair, Weird Obsessions, A Big White House, Houdini Posters, A Harry Potter Situation?, He Should Recognize Her, Teenage Passion, Boss Hog, Political Fundraising: What Kids Crave, CLUB ALIEN, Tracey Hungers, Magic Pays Off, Washington’s Infestation of Jazz Bands, Poor Explanations, A Phone-book is Crucial to the Plot, Too Many Car Chases, Things Get Rapey, A Full-On Fist Fight, The Worst Green Screen

Music: "My Date With the President's Daughter" by The Presidents of the United States of America

Bonus Episode 2: Sing To Me Paolo

The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)

The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)

As an extra sweet October treat, we decided to put on our newsboy caps and go back to the 2000's with the surprisingly theatrically released Lizzie McGuire Movie. Come with us as we journey with Lizzie to Rome as she falls for an absolute creep, is hunted by a sadistic principal, and delivers the most iconic musical performance of a generation.

Lucas played himself proves he can do accent work. Emma is hit with intense flashbacks and is concerned about her Halloween plan. Ashley is sooo ready for this.

Talking points: Hilary’s Birthday, The Oscar-Worthy Soundtrack, Matt is a Horrible Human Being, The Parents Are Great, The Biggest Mistake of LaLaine’s Life, The Legend That is Ethan Craft, The UNGERMEYER, Unrealistic High School Wealth, Freakin Paolo, So Much Fashion, Everyone Wants to Get Some Action, The Redemption of Kate Sanders, Never Forget the Tearaway Skirt, Feminist Anthems, and Nobody Really Cares About Gordo x Lizzie

Music: "The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling)" by Atomic Kitten; "Volare" by Vitamin C; "We'll Figure It Out" (Theme Song to Lizzie McGuire); "Why Not" and "What Dreams Are Made Of" by Hilary Duff.

Editor's Note: We were using a new recording software for this episode and it had mixed results, apologies for the issues.

Bonus Episode 1: Real Steel Is Real Good

Real Steel (2011)

Real Steel (2011)

Come along with Lucas and new friend Jules (@GatsbyLow) as she joins him in this extra-special, extra-long bonus episode as they take a look at the under-appreciated robot boxing movie that is Real Steel....and by take a look at I mean basically just them gushing about how much they love it. This episode also serves as an impassioned plea to Shawn Levy to make a sequel and begging him to give us a call to work on it. Just be warned dear listeners: There’s Lore Here. 

Lucas loses an argument before he can start it and body shames a robot. Jules opens her own corner and completely incriminates herself.

Talking Points: Old-Fashioned Animal Cruelty, Hot on Hugh, Plot Cliffs, Mad Max: The Steel Warrior, Adorable Frankenstein, Things Get Real Creepy, Parts Unknown, This Final Fight is Soooooo Good, Sexy Tron, JUMP PUNCH!, Hopes for the Sequel, Accept Hugh Into Your Heart, Robo-Lovers, and Real Steel Original Characters

Music: "Give It A Go" by Timbaland (feat. Veronica Gardner); Theme Song from "Cubix: Robots for Everyone"