Episode 11: Girls Can Do Anything Boys Can Do

Teen Beach Movie (2013)

Teen Beach Movie (2013)

The DCOMedy Crew is getting summer started off right with our first foray into the Modern Era of Disney Channel as we ride the waves straight into Teen Beach Movie. Join us as we are again without a guest, but still manage to jump into an homage to the 60's beach movies and cheesy musicals and end up finding a movie built on a series of strong choices, some genuine bops, and the stupidest villains we have seen thus far.

Emma calls out a writer and really wants you to watch The West Wing. Lucas wins a bet and doesn't find anyone interesting.

Talking Points: Fuller Raven's Home, Drake vs. Josh, Ducktalk!, Confusing Motivations,  The Surfboard Is Magic?, Safety First!, Is Rascal Okay?, Why Does Giggles Just Gyrate? Literal Adults With Horrible Accents, A Back To The Future Situation, Seriously Disney...An Angry Birds Joke?, Feminism in 1962, , Straight-up Sci-Fi, The Biggest Leap, Lighthouse-phobia, and A Bad Ending That Doesn't Matter

Music: "Surf Crazy", "Cruisin' For A Bruisin'", "Falling For Ya", "Like Me", and "Can't Stop Singin" by the Cast of Teen Beach Movie