Episode 10: Paradoxes Not Included

Minutemen (2008)

Minutemen (2008)

This episode may be a tad long, but some guys in snowsuits showed up and said it was very important to the space-time continuum that this episode be longer than normal. On an unrelated note, this month we are looking at the surprisingly enjoyable classic that is Minutemen! Come along with our hosts and their first guest in a while, Emily (@ThisIsEmeralds) from War and Beast, on a genuinely good time travel superhero movie with incomprehensible science and where only one thing is constant: Derek is the WORST.

Emma does not understand time travel and does not care about the science. Lucas gets things wrong and falls in love. Emily dips her toes into DCOM's.

Talking Points: The Drought Is Over, Twitter Poll Results, A New DCOM, Charlie's Glow Up, Football Players Beat Up A Child and Commit a Crime, Modern Day Urkel, She Gave Him Meringue, Literally The Worst Vice Principal, Feline Time Travel, Disney Channel Tries to Say Slut, The Hook, The Snowsuit Guys, Magic Mops, Our Heroes Are Criminals, Get Out?, Casanova Zeke, No One Respects That The World Is Ending

Music: "Run It Back Again" by Corbin Bleu