Episode 7: Everybody Wants to Bone The Hologram

Pixel Perfect (2004)

Pixel Perfect (2004)

Terribly sorry this one was so late everybody, but if we learned anything from the classic that is Pixel Perfect its that nobody's perfect! That is, except for a hologram made by a misogynistic and horny teenager which seems to  just make fun of people's weight and do upsetting dance moves for a children's movie. Join us as we rediscover a film we remembered well but found the experience of actually rewatching it to not be very enjoyable, so that's a good sign...

Lucas tries/fails to use Raviv’s proper name and misuses the word “congeal”. Emma rides the dragon that is NyQuil and makes Lucas insert a ton of clips in post.

Talking Points: The Most uncomfortable DCOM’s, The Dad Sucks, Who are the Band Members? The Moxley Spin Off, Crowd Scenes, A Hard Midnight, Straight Up Body Horror, Disney Channel Gets Deep, An Entirely Pointless Conversation about AI, Kinda Racism?, Literally the Craziest Ending, Ghost Holograms?, Emma’s Birthday Story

Music: "Get Real", "Nothing's Wrong With Me", and "Notice Me" by The Zetta Bytes; "Super Cali" by BoiOB/Orlando Brown; "Run The World (Girls) by Beyoncé