Episode 6: Stay in Your Lalaine

You Wish! (2003)

You Wish! (2003)

Sorry this one is tad late folks, but if there were any movie to prove the idea that time has no meaning it would be You Wish! Join Emma and Lucas as they take a look at this It's A Wonderful Life ripoff that is really an advertisement for mental health awareness more than anything else. Wherein a boy may or may not kill his little brother but definitely finds out magic is real despite no one doing anything worthwhile with it.

Lucas relives being a younger brother and defends some Power Rangers. Emma shows how out of touch she is and reveals she is no longer afraid to die.

Talking Points: Mysterious Slime, Pet Turkeys, Bully Eating Disorders, Outdoor Lunchrooms, Pseudo Style Corner, BLING, Where’s On First?, Inexplicable Parkour, Disney Channel Teen Parties, Emma’s PSA, The Craziest Speech, They Paid for Vanessa Carlton?, Stranger Danger, Keeping Those Taglines Coming, Housekeeping

Music: "You Wish" by Lalaine; "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton