Episode 2: I, Demibot

Princess Protection Program (2009)

Princess Protection Program (2009)

Our two siblings find themselves looking for Princesses down in Puerto Rico...I mean the Louisiana Swamps as they dive into Princess Protection Program. They end up finding an unreasonably mean daughter, the world's worst father/secret agent, and a robot named Demetria ingratiating herself into society by being an incredible bowler and stealing the schtick from Cow Belles while teaching the world all women actually want to be princesses deep down inside.

Emma gets emotional and drives her brother to drink. Lucas finds some unlikely favorite characters and tries to be hip in 2009.

Talking Points: Kenny Ortega’s Dance Lair, BAITGIRL, Off-Brand Regina George, No Guns!, Emma’s Style Corner, The Jonas Doobie Brothers, Getting Coned, Texting AKA The Devil’s Weapon, The First (But Definitely Not The Last) Sibling Argument, How Do You Pronounce Caribbean?, Head to Head, and Tag-Team Taglines 2: Luke Does a Bad Job\

Music: "One and the Same" by Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato