Episode 17: All I Want For Christmas is Blake Lynch

The Ultimate Christmas Present (2000)

The Ultimate Christmas Present (2000)

We saved one extra present under the tree for you guys to unwrap the day after Christmas, and no you can't return it. Take a break from playing with all your new toys and come join us as we review The Ultimate Christmas Present, where Santa has infinite magic powers, is a major creep, but owns a lovely bungalow in LA.

Lucas confuses Brenda Song roles and famous Ricky’s. Emma hates the main character and the phrse naughty girls. Dyllan tells us all about Blake.

Talking Points: Everyone’s First Christmas, Busy Parents, No One Throws a Party on Christmas Day, Really Late Christmas Break, A Tale of Two Pickles, Blake Lynch: Sex God, Weather Machine Acceptance, Weather Chemistry, So Many Diplomas,  Creepy Santa, The Craziest Weather Software of All Time, Cactus Christmas, Grand Theft Snowmobile, A Sucky Afternoon with Edwin, Weather Pulitzer, EVERMERRY, A Nice Ending, DCOMrades 

Music: "Secret Agent Man" by Johnny Rivers; "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" sung by Fred Astaire