Episode 12: Teach Me How To Juggy


Things are getting weirder and worse in Riverdale. Jughead and Archie are delivering drugs. The Sheriff has a secret. Cheryl is becoming a hated trope. Alice Cooper is still inconsistent and FP is out of jail and falling off the straight and narrow.

Episode 11: End 0f Bughead


TW: Talks of sexual abuse

Rose and Ashley talk about the episodes 18 and 19 of Riverdale in which Riverdale still somehow manages to tackle subjects that most shows mess up while still having a drag race, a gang initiation and a boogieman called "The Sugarman." So listen to us talk about the End of Bughead, the creepy caller and the lore of Saw!

Episode 10: Archie Starts a Gang War


Archie is reaching peak dumb as he makes a teen militia and starts waving a gun around. Betty's story is really dang bad and Veronica is worried about her dad and his giant painting of her. Also Kevin not only has a story but it's really well handled and speaks to us as queer people? What's going on?

Episode 9: D4: Diners & Daddies Don’t Die

We got a two for one special at Pop’s! Blood has been spilled on multiple occasions, some of it on our home turf. Riverdale is already hitting new peaks of weirdness and wildness as their are dream sequences, church confrontations, Tall Boys, a Sonic crossover, and us losing it over Jingle Jangle.

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Episode 8: Blood and Milkshakes

Riverdale season 1 is over and we could be happier. After a great last episode the finale only lets us down. The show is as straight as can be, suicidal depression is being treated as a B plot, Kevin is a nothing character and our daddy got a gun in his face. We do love the appearance of Hot Dog and Big Mouth Bass though. We also talk about anime clubs, Frasier and Ashley had to get up five times to take care of cats. Oh yeah and there is another murder, this time on our turf!

Episode 7: Drown In It!

Rose and Ashley now know who the killer of Jason Blossom is, but questions still remain. Why did they do it? What exactly does heroin look like? Is Kevin ever going to get a good boyfriend? Will Jughead come sip Corona with us in Florida? We talk about all that and more!

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Episode 6: We Predict Riverdale

After missing a week due to moving Ashley and Rose reconvene on the morning of the day. The day where the killer of Jason Blossom will be revealed. We talk about who we think did it, why we think they did it and what that will impact going forward. Also we talk about Harry Potter and Scooby Doo movies.

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Episode 5: A Better Animal House

It's Jughead's birthday and after learning he never had a birthday party his friends throw him one. This being Riverdale it's never that simple as Archie is a dumb boy, Dark Betty is getting unleashed and Chery and Chad team up to reveal everyone's secrets. This being Burger's At Pops we just get together to talk about who should play Hiram Lodge, L from Death Note and whether Cheryl is a brother fucker.

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Episode 4: Syrup From The Tap

Winter has come to Riverdale and Rose and Ashley get together again to talk about syrup goblins, cabals of vampires, DILFs, r/PowerMoves, Veronica breaking down, Wrestling and why Betty's mom is still the worst even if the show wants to make you forget that.

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Episode 3: Hunks and Babies

Riverdale is firmly split into girls and boys as the boy takes off their shirts (but never their Letterman jackets) to do some construction and the girls hold a baby shower for Polly. Gifts are given, bars are gone to, Archie is dumb and Kevin's love life sucks.

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Episode 2: Dad Fights

We have a Jughead focused episode and we find out all the sad things that are happening with our poor boy. Polly is still missing and is now the number one suspect so both the Coopers and the Blossoms are looking for her. There's a lot to talk about but we decide to talk about falling asleep in class, Frasier and dad fights instead.

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Episode 1: Scared of Werewolves

Rose and Ashley jump into the Riverdale which is already on it's 6th episode. They talk about their history with the Archie characters, their thoughts on the show, what they think is going on in Riverdale and why Archie hasn't thrown out that wolf mask. Also they talk about Meatloaf, Battle Royale and Danganronpa?

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