Bonus Episode 12 - They were like "Bah Ram You"

Welcome to the end of October (where did this month go?!)!,

With our final bonus ep for the month, we are joined by listener Gwen (@witsuaru on twitter) and go back, waaaaay back to review one of, if not the best Transformers movie. Transformers The Movie from 1986! 

This week we discuss: Younger than Diaclone, older than Transformers; Definition of a cult film; Someone stole the movie from Kendall's video store!; OMG there were Gundams in this?!; Greg tries something different; We're living 12 years after this movie took place; The Great Toy Cleansing of 1986; Oh no! That's that guy!; Classic Star Trek saucer separation; And now it all makes sense; It was Weird Al's birthday on Monday!; We all liked this movie!; Greg mixes up Galvatron and Unicron; Newspost and Questions!

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