Episode 52 - You can't say ass on Fox Kids

Welcome to Saturday and the start of the Fall season!

This week we start watching the end with Season 3 Episode 12 - Nemesis part 1, an episode that was a bit mixed for us in our opinions. 

This week we discuss: Dragonball Z guy; OMG it is his old body!; It all comes back to toy prices; Was the starbase called Rugby or was he just mad he didn't have time to play rugby with him?; Yes, they're jetting; We saw it in the Animorphs pilot; It's actually a book on tape; Riverdale moment; It's like in the Revolutionary war where the thing in the thing with the thing that they said on Teenagers with Attitude; It's a tongue that Gene Simmons or Venom would be jealous of; Questions and News Post!

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