Episode 49 - Are Transmetal 2s Zombies?

Welcome to the first Saturday of September! 

On this long weekend why not take a few moments to sit down with your favorite drink, kick up your feet and listen in as we review Season 3 Episode 9 - Crossing the Rubicon! This week we welcome Cassie to the show! Be sure to follow her on twitter @DefinitlyExists! Along with a bit of a bonus feature after the main show for you fine folks in which Kendall and Jordan give their take on the new Death Note on Netflix!

This week we discuss: Fireawaaaaaaaaay!; Beasties vs Beast Wars; The most wrong opinion; We're all good friends now;Delayed ba-dum tish!; Mis-heard lyrics; We still don't know what a deca-cycle is; Greg makes up for lost time with bad jokes; The Return of Rubber Ducky; Transformers Trauma Center; Yeah ya blew it; Questions and news post! That's what Jesus said

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