Bonus Episode 16 - How to work a Walkman

We’re a little late but better late than never! That’s right, the reunion episode is here as we review Bumblebee and talk all your ears off!

Roll on with us as we discuss: Greg messes up the intro; No you cannot read all of them; So much good 80’s stuff; You can’t feed that to kids!; We managed to kill this movie for Kendall in under 30 minutes; We don’t want a Sonic the Hedgehog situation; Back to the spaghetti talk; Emily and Jordan didn’t see John Cena; The X-Men: First Class of the Transformers universe; She’ll probably dive into Grunge here in a few years; Hot Dog on a stick is a chain; Kendall relates to Charlie; The helmet on bikes controversy; This movie has some really good villians; The Return of Stan Bush!; Kendall thought this was going to go a lot longer; Questions!

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