Episode 80 - Badass Clippy

It is Monday! 

It's the start of the week and sadly the end of the series as the crew sits down to give you our review of the series finale for Beast Machines Season 2 Episode 13 - Endgame Pt 3 - Seeds of the Future. 

Would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, our listeners, for all of the support for the run of this show. Our lives have all been enriched by being able to do this together and with all of you for your support. 

This episode we discuss: The future buried in the past were our friends along the way; Megatron learns a new body faster than Optimus; Greg read a fanfic as a kid where Botanica met an untimely end (no it wasn't one of those!); The most Dragonball Z part of the show; this fight was really good; When did he build a giant throne?; That's really messed up for a kids tv show; UNLIMITED POWER!; The one time Kendall's Dad tried to play D&D; Just like Super Shredder; Maybe 100 years later?; Overall thoughts (and Kendall's drinking suggestion for binge watching the series); News post and Questions!

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