Episode 45 - Directed by Michael Bay?

Happy Summer Saturday Beast Wars Fans!

We're nearing the end of July and moving towards the half-way mark of the third and final season as we review Season 3 Episode 5 - Feral Scream part 1! Kasey joins us again as we see return of an old...friend?

This week we discuss: We really mess up the intro this time; Abby Someone; It's a Macguffin at it's most Macguffinist; There was another Scorponok?!; We came up with a name for Kendall's Christmas album; Optimus's Ooo face; He has been born again quite a few times; Flaming hot Cheetors; Kryptonian binoculars; #leavenobotbehind; Kasey's news post and questions!

As always we want to give a big thank you to Kasey for joining us this week and make sure to follow her on twitter @LadyKayHersh as well as check out her tumblr http://cutestprincess.tumblr.com/ :)

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