Bonus Episode 6 - Just Jake

Happy Post-Memorial Day Beast Wars (and Animorphs) fans! 

This week we give you another special episode as we wanted to review an Animorphs tv show episode since everyone seemed to like it! And even more special we have a guest! Our fifth beetle ("It's not the fifth beetle, he's Pete Best!" -Kendall) Jeff joins us this week as schedules aligned to allow us to have a fun time with someone who was with us for the inception (BWONG!) of the show.

This week we discuss: He combined Jeff with guest!; It as surprising accurate from an alternate universe; Does his character realize he's in a book instead of a movie?; Did you ever think to hit her with something big?; I knew him back when he was sub-Visser 7; Questions!

A big thank you to Jeff for joining us this week! You can find him on twitter @SmllTwnIdiot and keep an eye and ear out for his podcast When the eyes of a Ranger are upod you! Be sure to check out his recommendation for more Animorph listening with Morph Club! Also be sure to check him out as he competes against Lucas from DComedy in the All Along the Watchtower Injustice 2 tournament!

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