Episode 36 - Bad Scarlett Johansson movies

Welcome to May Beast Wars fans! 

This week we dry our tears and invite our friend Kasey back to help us tell the tale to those who will listen as we review Season 2 Episode 9 - Code of Hero. 

This week we discuss: The crew is going through the various stages of grief; Soooo much trivia; We haven't seen cheetah powers in a while; Papa Roach karaoke; The door is so small!; Return of the 4th and 5th Laws of Robotics; Spider-bot descendant theory; Cute chubby T-Rex; Rampage is a brat but he's still a sub; Transformers equivalent of Logan; Questions!

Once again we wish a big thank you to Kasey for joining us this week and make sure to follow her on twitter @LadyKayHersh as well as check out her tumblr http://cutestprincess.tumblr.com/ :)

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